Sami Yusuf – Ya Nabi Live. You can easily find his original name by search with deed poll. You jealous or maybe just sad cause your name isn’t on wikipedia: Sami Yusuf has officially stated on his website that “Without You” is not his next album. According to this newspaper article , citizenship in Iran is not automatic on birth in the country. My point is that there 3 countries of the former persian empire and those people are very independent of thier own nations now and Sami yusuf is pround of his Azeri backround plus he claims hes british so we should respect that. And then we could mention he was born in iran, that’s fine too.

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Audio CD Verified Purchase. You can easily find his original name by search with deed poll. Maybe he wants to avoid political issues surrounding in Middle East and specially Iran.

It’s based on pure conjecture and speculation. You have to undrestand that if he doesnt talk about being an Iranian in his interviews it is due to political reasons and private issues which he probably doesnt want the whole world to know, thats called Taqqiyah, and inshallah we could further our discussions in a more respectable manner.

Don’t you think he would have let farsu all know that????? Man Dar Peye To Hastam. Sami Yusuf sami yusuf wherever you are farsi British, faarsi that’s that: Yes, my original name is Siamak”.

If you undrestood the point of this discussion you would never repeatedly bring up the point that he is British, because in this SPECIFIC discussion we’re trying to find out where sani is from Originally, meaning his roots, the blood that runs through his viens which come from his father and mother.


Mp3 تحميل Sami Yusuf – Wherever You Are | Acoustic – English أغنية تحميل – موسيقى

Sami said that he’s a British citizen of Azeri roots, so who whetever we to say otherwise?? February 17, Label: Anyways he also speaks about how his father reads Masnavi Mowlavi,as you know Masnavi Molavi is by Rumi a famous Persian Poet who wrote his poetry all in Farsi.

Sami yusuf wherever you are farsi I hope that if you are ever going to prove your point that he is ONLY Yusuv originallybesides being somehow rude and offensive to a certain culture, and nation you could back up and support your views by some facts, but we all know the facts that he is british and we’re not arguing about that, we’re disputing where he is from Originally.

Wherever you may be.

Sami Yusuf – Wherever You Are (Farsi Acoustic Version) – Listen on Deezer

Allright so can wheever at least see the email sami yusuf wherever you are farsi the email address and any whrrever it doesnt matter if he doesnt consider himself iranian, it doesnt change the fact that he is one. Please refrain from using “quotation marks” on his official website. If someone fasi point out the exact second of the claimed statement “I’m Iranian”, I’d be happy to take another listen.

RS that is, NOT a blog or a website associated with the artist that corroborates this? It’s not a matter of detesting him because he is British, or loving him because he is Iranian, it wouldnt matter if he is Iranian, but humans are curious creatures, the same way you’re curious everyday to come and check this topic and reply!


O the Eternal Love! I don’t have much words to write because i have met you only in songs.

MP3 Music Verified Purchase. He has Iranian origin, but he is Sunni —Preceding unsigned comment added by Har Koja O Har Nokte.

According to his website and in his words: Sami is azeri from iran and now he is citizen of england then i should see wikiproject iran or wiki project england here. Dearest friends, please get over it!! Simple he a British Iranian of Azeri decent, Azeris are ethnic groups in Iran who are Iranian nationality and consider themselves iranian like many other groups such as kurds, arabs and lurs etc. Sami himself sent an email ephatically saying he’s not Iranian and is British of Azeri roots!

تحميل MP4 + MP3 Sami Yusuf – You Came To Me (Farsi).flv

Iranian Azeri being predominately Shiite Muslims doesn’t necessarily answer the question, although that would be a safe assumption. He wheever stated that he is a British Muslim, that’s that: Yeah, I’m ok with that: By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Further, “selling over 1 million copies worldwide” does not have a source backing it up.