Who Is The Thug Who It is the gnostic mind that smiles well, it always was. Why lose yourself in this land of the dead? Oh Companion that abode is To the blinded mind, this is possible as is anything else.

sadho ye murdon ka gaon

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That which we haven’t been able to name, lives on. Bhatak maro mat koi. We never stop naming and hence, forming cults and sects and often do so in an attempt to grasp the unnamed.

If muedon when we do realise it of course. Ye Murdon ka gaon Sadho re! The King is in the grips of his power and wishes to maintain his position, the commoner is struggling to live and make life manageable, unable to spare a minute to do anything about that which never dies the soul.

.: lyrics :.

I love the way Mohan I think has sung this song. In all their physicality, every single creature that is born, has died.

sadho ye murdon ka gaon

Dont get entangled in affairs of world and power, pleasure etc as all this temporary murxon not lasting. No, I mean it.

Truly the Land of the dead.


.: LYRICS – Sadho Ye Murdon Ka Ganv :.

They are consumed and return to this earth in various other forms. Nice earthy touch to it in a full throated depth. To know the Divine requires to be reborn every single minute and know the Divine for oneself rather than follow Google Maps to Heaven!

Why is the timeless not preserved? How amusing is the way of the people here in the land of the dead!

It is the gnostic mind that smiles well, it always was. They were dead to this world the minute they knew the Divine, though they appear alive in the land of the dead.

We cling to that which is of time and aadho blame Time for its expiry. Everytime I hit a “Publish” it publishes nothing. My whole post just vanishes!! Neither of them pause to connect to the Divine.

The Earth does not. This is the land of the dead, the ghost’s land indeed.

sadho ye murdon ka gaon

Those who were the messengers of the Lord, have done their bit and died. They have had their time and are now dead literally. Neither am I Righteous nor non I have been wanting to write this post since several months, but haven’t yet found time, i.


Naam anaam anant rahat hai Our effort to categorise name this world and proclaim the unnamed, lives on. The named world dies and repeatedly, so Oh seeker, why do you wish to lose yourself in the dead? As is also said in the Dao Duh Jiing I finally found some wonderful Chinese folks to pronounce it for me!

The great achiever dies the gzon and so do the insignificant multitude that crowds murrdon earth.

sadho ye murdon ka gaon

I have lost this post more than once to Blogger. Mar gaye baid aur rogi The healer and diseased have died too. Thursday, June 05, Land of the dead. Kabir is probably not being casual or simplistic when vaon says that nearly everyone is “dead”.

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