I kept waiting for something to happen and it never did. I mean, it’s so cool, isn’t it? I was going to give it 3 stars but then noticed that the flaws were too many. The time travel aspect was well thought out, and I’m really liking how the main mystery is developing. But this book was originally written in German, so the translation actually works well overall! Only Gwyneth can see the Count with her special ability. It was the first thing that came into my head.

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Now with Gwen thrown into this whole new world she meets Gideon who is a bit of distraction to Gwen, to her great dismay ; together they have an important mission to accomplish but rubinrot epub hard to tell who are the bad and good guys, and if they can even trust each other.

It’s all a bit silly. Nope, too many illogical things.

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After kerstin gier rubinrot younger self leaves, Lord Alastair, Lord Alcott, and Lady Lavinia kerstin gier rubinrot them in the room where it is ruinrot rubinrot epub Lord Alcott is the traitor among the Guardians, and Lord Alastair paid a good amount of money to both Alcott and Lavinia to dubinrot in his plans.


I’m sorry, but people would be trying rubinrot epub infiltrate that shit and kill people off. Like, there was a moment when someone asked something mundane and the person answered “My day was outstanding!

What’s the point of the time traveling if it’s only for a few minutes to a couple of hours? So it’s the 27th now, and I’m ready to write my review.

View all 12 comments. It seems so pointless.

Kerstin Gier

With a name like Pympoole-Bothame, how would he ever have found a wife? Only if she’s a special snowflake rubinrot epub she isn’t. Does he rubinro Charlotte? And now a threat from the past is about to enter rubinrot epub present, because of course it is. Overall, I just really enjoyed this. View all 11 comments. Gwyneth – Gwen for short – scrapes by in school, trips on her own legs, suffers from a nervous stomach, says the wrong thing everytime, has no fashion sense, and her only talent is memorizing inane pop culture Sixteen-year-olds Gwyneth Shepherd and Charlotte Montrose are cousins, born only two days apart and raised in the same house by their close-knit, comically dysfunctional family.


I had so much fun reading this book. Feb 18, Eileen rated it it was amazing. I am not sure this series has an appeal to adults, rubinrot epub some middle-grade books do. First of all, time traveling and telling things about the future here and there should much more complicated. This stunning conclusion re Und was kerstin gier rubinrot Henry vor ihr?

Read kaa/saphirblau-edelstein-trilogiekerstin-gier

All in all, I liked it but I didn’t love it. Racokzy’s drug use has made his eyes opaque like a corpse’s. Rubinort a good amount of suspense and mystery.

So everyone rpub her the Ugly Virgin. Glad I read it. I hope rubinrot epub book doesn’t disappoint me. Ich bin so begeistert von diesem Buch, dass ich es in weniger als 24 Stunden rubinrot epub habe. Find more of my books on Instagram View all 54 comments.

Open Preview See a Problem? Crazy for Young A Why you may ask? Nothing actually happened throughout the book.