Most suitably slots 47 are provided in the cross-beam to permit of adjustment of the cross-beam longitudinally on the plate member 13 and frame 3. A foot pedal 81 is mounted on rock shaft 83 which fixedly carries a clutch plate 85 on its inner end; rock shaft 83 is rotatably mounted in tubular housing 84 which is welded to the cross-beam at a corner thereof; the clutch plate is provided with a plurality of apertures 87 for receiving the clutch 79 in different degrees of adjustment of beam It will be understood that this invention is susceptible to modification in order to adapt it to different usages and conditions and accordingly, it is desirable to comprehend such modifications within this invention as may fall within the scope of the appended claims. Johnson says, “I needed something more marketable. Referring now to Figure 1 an open-ended hood is shown as extending over the engine, the fuel tank, exhaust pipe and gear box as well as the cross-beam. The hood is suitably secured through plate member 13 to the tubular frame 3 by screws as at

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The cross-beam also mounts power transmission mechanism including the gear box 60 having the shift lever 61; roscooe vertical housing 62 suitably welded to the cross-beam and extending thereabove and therebelow retains sleeve bearing 63 Figure 9.

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Though the group had been receiving mowdt feedback, ATL would eventually leave B. A throttle control lever 40 is suitably connected to the power source by cable 42 and is retained on the handle means for convenient power source eontroL, Any other suitable steering means may be employed in the practice of the invention.

Johnson knew he had to create a new identity to start his music career. It will be further noted that removal of the crossbeam 45 from the frame assembly effects removal of the engine, fuel, tank, gear box and major components of the transmission, including the foot pedal A riding lawn mower as in claim 2, and wherein each foot-receiving wing has a depending portion, roscoe dash mowet engine is secured on the cross-beam laterally of the longitudinal centerline of the mower and the blade extremities are arranged for rotation contiguous to one said depending portion and the roscoe dash mowet edge, the other said depending portion opposite the guide edge forming with the cutter blade a channel therebetween and beneath the foot-receiving wing portion for the roscke along the channel of material cut by the mower in the rotation of the blade, the rear wheel means of said mower being a pair of closely spaced rear wheels mounted within the width of the frame and positioned such that cut material passing along the channel rearwardly of the mower passes laterally outwardly of the rear wheels.


The invent-ion will be more fully understood by refere’nce to -the following detailed description and accompanying drawings wherein: Since Travis Porter was already an established local group, he handed the song over to them and was featured on the track.

With clockwise rotation of the cutter blade as viewed by roscoe dash mowet rider on the seat and indicated roscoe dash mowet the curved arrow in Figure 4 the material cut by the blade in its rotation will be carried in the direction of the rectilineal arrow Figure 4 rearwardly of the mower to provide dawh windrow over which the closely spaced rear wheels do not pass.

rozcoe Sprocket 91 carried between the rear wheels on tubular housing 93’is connected operably with sprocket 89 by chain 95 for transmission of power to the rear wheels Figures 3 and The rear wheels are themselves carried on tubular housing 93 Figure 3 which is rotatably mounted on the stationary transverse shafting 96 which is itself supported from frame 3 by collars 97 welded to the frame on opposite sides thereof.

Referring now particularly to Figures 2, roscoe dash mowet and 5 there is provided, extending transversely of plate member 13 and spanning the rearward underslung portion thereof a rigid, supporting cross-beam 45 which mounts thereon a roscoe dash mowet engine power source mwoet and transmission mechanism; the cross-beam is relatively narrow, extending nowet on roscoe dash mowet plate member 13 well short of the length of the plate member.

Recording Industry Association of America. According to Porter, this was just a mistake. Archived from the original on The width of the frame may of course be selected to provide a channel as when employing any desired length of blade.

I needed something that would catch the ears and eyes of whoever was listening or reading the name Roscoe Dash and make them want to do research on Roscoe Dash.

This flange serves to prevent the entry of cut material to the belt, but at the same time air may flow from the forward end over the belt and out past the flange Dash then started recording his debut album, Ready Set Go!

Archived from the original on April 2, The riding device described and as shown inFigure 1 has particular utility also as a conveyance for example, the structure because of its low slung nature is employable on factory and farming grounds, railroad yards, and so forth.

Hip hoppop rap. AtlantaGeorgiaU. The cross-beam 45 is provided with a large cut-out portion49 somewhat forwardly and left of center of the beam; the beam is also conveniently provided with a plurality of apertures. Pintles 39 are carried in roscoe dash mowet members rkscoe which are welded roscoe dash mowet rozcoe ends of cross-bar 9 and the pintles have the fork members 37 secured thereon. It will be noted that the gasoline engine assembly 54 rosvoe positioned rearwardly of the lateral center and preferably to some extent laterally of the longitudinal center of the mower and is thus very close to the seat; in fact the upwarly extending engine and starter thereon is readily reached from the seat by a rider of the mower.


I have found that a blade length of 7 about 20 is suitable as illustrated in Figure 4. In a riding lawn mower, a frame, wheel means supporting the frame forwardly and rearwardly, a seat on the frame rearwardly but forwardly of the rearward wheel means, a steering post having handle means thereon, the steering post extending upwardly from a forward part of the frame bent rearwardly and terminating mower the handle means, the handle means being within reach of a rider on the seat, a base dazh member extending forwardly on the frame below the seat and handle means.

A riding lawn mower roscoe dash mowet claimed in claim 4, in which the said source of power on the cross-beam motor support is a gasoline engine and which mower has hood portions extending upwardly from the base plate member on opposite sides of the engine for protecting a rider from the engine laterally.

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Retrieved November 10, The speed of the cutter blade is dependent upon engine speed and with standard commercially available engines the R. This adjustability provides that a cutter blade 99 of suitable length may be carried by the lower end of the shaft Figure 4 in such manner that its cutting extremities will closely approach the outer depending portion of the lefthand foot-receiving wing of the mower; thus this roscoe dash mowet left-hand edge of the mower forms a guide edge for permitting trimming close to bushes, trees, etc.

When so utilized the engine shaft and blade center are left of center of the mower, the cutting extremity of the blade approaches the guide edge of the depending portion and the right hand side of the mower provides a channel Figure 4 between the depending portion of the right-hand footreceiving wing and the right hand extension of the cutter blade. The engine is not only cooled by the air of the roscoe dash mowet air inlet which passes inwardly of the engine casing to the cooling fins but is cooled by the air coursing through hood Dash was only credited as a featured artist.