N70 Tricks and Tips 1 6. This phone easily maintaine by any people. Enter any name and serial 5. Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Music edition. Once again with V4 you will find features not yet available in competing products. Memorise or write it down then use it for registering. Software Pack all in one yahoo go 1.

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Make a new to do note with following data: Tip 8 Don’t want to carry a watch and a phone? Thanks for the corrections. AnonD, 16 Aug awesome phone i am using a 4yr old n70 and it is louder and clearer than the so-called cleares In my opinion the responsibility now lies with the handset manufactures. Now that all the networks share a central blacklist database, roktv for n70 if a barred handset is unlocked riktv still remains useless on ALL UK networks!

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On their phone, a message will popup saying “‘Hello, you’ve been bluejacked’ has just been received by Bluetooth” or something along those lines. Memorise or write it down then use it for registering.

Blacklisted or Barred Handsets What is it all aboutA phone may be blacklisted or barred for many different reasons, but roktv for n70 most common reason is that it has been reported either lost or stolen!


The networks do this by adding your phones serial number onto a national blacklist database Central Equipment Identity Register. N70, N90 and Series60 3rd edition phones will immediately close the running application if you press the red hang up key.

To use Mundu Radio, users need to create an account from. BUT sec code would be reset to default Therefore unlocking the barred handset would enable it to work on every network roktv for n70 the one it was originally locked too!

S60v2 application

Recentely i installed a player namely pv player. It does format the memory. Most all-purpose, easy to use call controller! With the help of this program you will be able to foe different sounds during a phone conversation, i. Convert N70 into Television 1 8.

Mundu Radio is a new and innovative mobile internet radio service. Another feature allows you to set a day period roktv for n70 which the phone will light the display after any key activity.

Fexplorer Just as Windows explorer.

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You can use these set of features for quick access of the your favourite applications. High Press Done, but don’t Exit. This helps increase battery life. The criminals do have an alternative to changing IMEI’s, and this is to send the barred handsets overseas! Naunce Talks Make ur mobile spell out whatever is written in ur screen!!


Nokia N70 Tricks and Tips. The battery must be full or the charger has to be connected to the phone so that it does not run out of power and make roktv for n70 phone unusable. For most other manufacturers the handset will simply show no signal! When you try to call out from the handset you will hear a sequence of beeps and then the call will be dropped!!

Smart Settings allows you to change the max length of the Phone Lock Code. Avoid restarting the phone, or repeatedly turning it on and off. But it cant not remove please roktv for n70 me.

Might be useful for business ppl. TXT in the zip file. Dictionary Advanced Dictionary with thesaurus.