While I have seen some great examples of what this extension can go. Last comments RSMembership – component joomla cuong I do not want to upload the same images twice. RokBooster can dramatically reduce the number of HTTP calls a browser has to make, and sending those compressed files GZipped means your pages will load faster with less load on your server. Do not use special characters. Cart integrates directly into Joomla itself that can demonstrate your

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You may have to refresh the page to see this update for all images. Also no special characters allowed i. Rokgalllery changes the preset syntax, such as [example] to the relevant HTML code during the rendering of the Joomla article. ZT Zizia – joomla template. When uploading, the total size of all rkgallery files must not exceed 4MB. Putting images into multiple galleries with tags works well.

Carefully read through the Important things to remember section. rokgallery 2.5

How to Manage and Update Your Joomla RokGallery

If you want to create a new menu item, you will possibly need to create a new page first, and then create a new menu rokgallery 2.5. It provides a feature rich platform for extending the menu, allowing for overrides and plugins for the menu itself, in addition to versatile theming capabilities and so much more.


A new menu system will be created that is responsive, but will form part of Gantry Rokgallery 2.5 other sizes will use the normal menu system rokgalleyr on RokNavMenu, such as Fusion Menu or SplitMenu. Make sure the below are both ticked before you click Save: No special characters allowed i.

JE Horizontal Login – module joomla. This is an incredible gallery and slideshow extension. It is a nightmare to editing the content behind this tamplate. Using pictures from rokgallery 2.5 gallery in articles is where my current wall is black bars top and bottom of the thumb. If you are new to Joomla, we strongly recommend that you check out our beginners guide here: Using this method is necessary as to make the menu accessible on the mobile devices, as Fusion, and our other menu rokgaallery, are simply too complex to render effectively on these devices.

RokGallery is an advanced gallery extension, rokkgallery on a custom tag based architecture, with an non-destructive slice editor rokgallery 2.5 edit photos easily.

ro,gallery Forum and documentation was not helpful. Responsive Frameworks We use the responsive layout based on Twitter’s Bootstrap Frameworkwith its collection of utility classes, to provide a flexible rokgallery 2.5 design. Select your chosen images: Even became a paid member and emailed them several questions on using it in their FREE template and how to get it to show up in the right spot with no responses on their forum or direct emails.



Rokgallery 2.5 supports adding custom tags to each image that allows you to link an unlimited number of images in one category. If you have two or dokgallery pictures looking quite the same you have to click, no other chance.

Pro Image Flow – joomla module. This function tagging, very useful if you site has lots of similar images, and you want rokgallwry combine them into one category. This should be basic functionality. Either follow an existing gallery module, or play around with the positions to find something you like. Contains all individual extensions are available from the Extensions section of RokDownloads.

Want to do someting other? Again, good if you have one page of pictures, but useless for big galleries. Rokgalkery is a rokgallery 2.5 new extension for Joomla 2. Random Material RokLegacy Extensions – extension joomla This section is to list all the legacy extensions, former standalone free or club extensions that are no longer supported, but still available for rokgallery 2.5.

ZT Zana – joomla template. Magic News with Slider – module joomla.