By being told what we should believe rather than being allowed the experience of discov- ery and then understanding, we grew to resent his paternalism and as a result felt colonized in a sense by his authorial imperialism. We did not seem to be the intended audience; yet we felt strongly that his story and its implications and ramifications were indeed relevant to us – language researchers and teachers from around the world – and that we must indeed be the audience he wanted to reach since we had the most to learn from his story. Unfortunately, the meaning of the table is obscured by missing information. Academic Skip to main content. Fish rated it really liked it Jul 15,

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However, given the present status of English as an international language and the privileges that attach to it, I feel that former British colonies are fortunate to a cer- tain extent, for, if it had not been for colonization, they might never have achieved the proficiency and competence in the language they now have.

Was Phillipson making a statement here about the domain of linguis- tics and its relation to sociolinguistics?

The Pragmatics of Politeness Geoffrey Leech. Lists with This Book. This arti- cle documents the reactions of seminar participants to how Phillipson presented his argument and robert phillipson linguistic imperialism conclusion that the rhetorical choices he made seriously affected robert phillipson linguistic imperialism ability to find his story convincing.

We were also uncomfortable with the characterization of periphery countries, i. This more productive position would have addressed the key question that begged for an answer: Nevertheless, most of us try to make the most of the situations we face in life.

Linguistic Imperialism – Robert Phillipson – Oxford University Press

Another theme in Phillipson’s work is ” linguicism “—the species of prejudice that leads to endangered languages becoming extinct or losing their local eminence due to the rise and competing prominence of English. The final chapter provides a summary and identifies areas for further research and study with respect to English language teaching and linguistic imperialism.


Additional contextual information is provided in chapter 2 with a history of the spread and role of Enghsh in such countries as Japan, where Enghsh is an international link language, and Nigeria, where Enghsh has a colonial heritage and serves intra-national purposes.

We were fortunate that the seminar had representatives from both groups and that those among us from the periphery were willing to imperia,ism first-hand experiences with and observations of the alleged linguistic hegemony of English in their home countries. My view would be that if a case is just then we should look for ways of supporting it by coherent argument However, our approval and empathy were significantly tempered by our response to his style, which struck us as inappropriate.

He has drawn attention dramatically robert phillipson linguistic imperialism phil,ipson issues that have so far been mainly ignored and that cry out for continued investigation, and his book should be required reading for all concerned with the development and implementation of language policy.

Linguistic Imperialism – Robert Phillipson – Google Books

A few things that This is an important book, even if it’s now a bit outdated and a little conspiracy theory-ish. We ought to lniguistic intellectual property of indigenous knowledge including language, music and dance. After closer scrutiny, we came to realize robert phillipson linguistic imperialism aspects were contributing to his failure to completely persuade us of the validity of his claims or his credibility as narrator.

They also discovered that this book, which they expected to be a narrative of hegemony, was instead an illustration of the use of narrative as a philljpson tool.

Linguistic Imperialism

English is best taught monolingually Tenet two: At this point, many of us felt particularly manipulated and used; by delaying acknowl- edgment of this possibility to the very end he had withheld roberf important consid- eration from us. Robert phillipson linguistic imperialism voices, then, added depth to the arguments Linguishic presented, both those he refuted and promoted. Yet this cause-effect relationship was not transparent to us in spite of our willingness to be introspective about our responsibilities as language teachers.


As our Japanese classmate pointed out, Japan, with its gross national product second only to the United States, can hardly be considered poor or dominated.

Eobert point was illustrated when one of us, speaking from personal experience, observed how being a wom- an and a Jew in the patriarchal and Christian society of the USA can make one linuistic to inequality and robert phillipson linguistic imperialism that one cannot be allowed to robert phillipson linguistic imperialism for the majority. Taking stock of a world commodity The aims of this book English for all?

Where do we fit if we, as individuals, prefer to think of ourselves as educators who choose to empower others by helping them further their knowledge, develop their abilities and make their own choices? We found this analogy apt for a variety of reasons and organized our reactions around them longuistic these categories: Explores the contemporary phenomenon of English as an international language, and sets out to analyse how and why the language has become so dominant. Not only did his rhetoric parallel this posi- tion, it represented his argument.

For these reasons, Linguistic Imperialism was on impperialism reading list for a graduate seminar in World Enghshes in which we1 participated during the fall semester of at Purdue University.

The Other Tongue Kachru [ed. In either case, making an accusation against English is not the same as offering an argument. In the census, 11 per cent of Americans declared that a language other than English was their mother tongue Fishman Eva Lucia rated it liked it Jul 14,