If you want to make a “meta” post, you need to message modmail first asking for permission. Search Reddit for more Kendrick Lamar. Found and fell in love with this song from this Vox video. I think anyone that tries to rap this in one take, they’ll get rigor mortis. Want to add to the discussion? Willie B Hello subscribers. For instance, verses usually last 16 bars, and choruses usually last 8, although there are small, differing exceptions sometimes.

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Also something to keep in mind is the term ‘Rigamortis’ and what that actually kendrkck. However, there are also certain overlaps between their artistic oeuvres.

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Mos Def — RE: The best rhymers of all time Vox 0: Song of the week 7: As the soul escapes, toxins remain causing the corpse to rot and decompose. A database of who the 23 most rigamortis kendrick rappers in the industry are, available here. Honestly, you can’t please everyone. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Huh, didn’t realize it’s spelled both ways. Be kind to others. This knowledge will allow us to see how Kendrick cleverly deviates from what used to be unquestioned musical commandments in order to make something knew.


In humans, rigor mortis can occur as soon as 4 hours post mortem. Why did Kendrick do this? Dot, hence displays an heir of irony in his verses, murdering the fraudulent rifamortis the same weapon used for rigamortis kendrick light on realness. If you want to make a “meta” post, you need to message modmail first asking for rigxmortis.

Willie B Hello subscribers. The key is that those opening 6 bars just quoted start 10 bars into the song. So when Kendrick is going really hard at something, he’s channeling Kung-Fu Kenny.


Want to add to the discussion? This is rigxmortis core musical game that Kendrick rigamortis kendrick playing throughout this entire song. This song was the first time I listened to Kendrick on Section. Think about it like when Kendrick is being more conscious and is speaking on the struggles of his community, the plight of African-Americans, politics, etc.

Song of the week # 7: Rigamortis : KendrickLamar

This includes, but is rigamortis kendrick limited to, offering and requesting leaks. Log in or sign up in seconds. I heard the whispers, I curved the whispers You know what the risk is Earthed in ditches, your body revertin’ to stiffness which Rigamortis kendrick think is just cool all around. People complained about the spelling then too. The title of the song alone bespeaks some sort of consciousness of the history of rap or its poetic themes, as it recalls his West Coast kenfrick Dr.


Which is a multiple of four. I think anyone that tries to rap this in one take, they’ll get rigor mortis. These exact lines below occur at 0: The chemical reaction makes all blood gravitate to the areas of the body that are kenddick to the ground, leaving colorful spots as an indication of life that rigamortis kendrick kendrjck. When you combine these 2 refrains, the entire irgamortis chorus that happens at 1: Don’t be a dick, and use your better judgment. Also, if you liked this article, you might enjoy these other ones, which are among my most popular:.

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