And are the gods closer than you think? It was just as well, for the sake of discretion, though her increasingly darkening mood was still trolling for a fight. Is there a reason for throwing a year old “intelligent” provincial girl into the mix when she so far plays no role whatsoever in the plot besides as a further attempt to humanize Justin and give him a paternal quality aside from his drug-addicted, womanizing nincompoopery? Justin shut the door without another word and moved toward the couch like a sleepwalker, unable to take his eyes off the seal. On a more sinister side, genetic manipulations have been made in order to counteract the effects of the virus. It revealed an elegant neck, which Justin rather liked. Imagine a Greek-Roman society but make it a bit futuristic, as well as ancient mythological gods and goddesses from different cultures.

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Sure, there would be a victor, but the fights were rarely all-or-nothing. My only criticism and it is minor — I was left wanting more! Her vision was tinged with red, and adrenaline, urged on by the implant, churned furiously within her.

This book has about pages and with the amount of things that happen in it, it could be pages shorter. Mead deserves some applause for the way she seems to have thought out every aspect of this future richelle mead gameboard of the gods, incorporating many different elements and exploring the effect they would have: It contained a small piece of paper reading: I know I have given two stars to Frostbite Vampire Academy 2 for instance, but it was just a rating based on how I felt it being a little weaker than the rest of the books in that series.


That, and all of this had been too easy. Mundane murderers and cults aren’t Mae and Justin’s only problems, though.

Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X, #1) by Richelle Mead

View all 14 comments. The romance will leave you breathless. Has it been announced how many books this series will have? It was immediately followed by a hit to the knee. Huan shook his head in mock sympathy. Tameboard spread his hands out expansively.

The Scarlets had already taken a middle position and were beckoning them over. We still went forward with the wedding and planned to leave the country rihcelle, before they could come after us.

Justin is supposed to be a genius, brilliant. This book is surely not to be missed!

Richelle Mead – Age of X

It was made even more ridiculous because Justin was still horny for loads of other girls and was fucking any girl he met. Why couldn’t RM have given the “ego” a name that wouldn’t remind readers of something else? There is no slow building up of the world. The relationships among the characters were also brilliantly written. It was frustrating to read, and it severely lessened my enjoyment. Finally a well written dystopia book.


Gameboard of the Gods: Age of X Book 1

To observe the RUNA and its way of life. She reminded him of home. I had no idea what the hell was going 2. She usually wears black, added Magnus. Or just an avid self-defense fan? As it was, there were huge parts gameboqrd the middle that were a struggle to get through.

I was baffled as to whether they were real or in his mind, and if they were helping Justin or if they had their own agenda. Mae was born into the privileged castes, but is now a member of the elite Praetorian Guard known for their lethal skills and enhanced abilities.

The adrenaline shot up in her system as soon as she recognized the signs of an altercation, even though she knew none of its context.

For figments of his imagination, they were remarkably observant. Mar 04, hayden rated it really liked it Shelves: A group of them was especially unusual.