Not known to be standing still for too long, Richard decided to evolve his skills overseas by taking a one year course at the world renowned Los Angeles Music Institute, where he would find himself studying with none-other than Scott Henderson, Brett Garsed and Dan Gilbert. Eric was the first to deliver his solo in December It looks good up until now and the cd has been doing well. So go to my website and order a cd or two. It would not do justice to mention names, and the list is also too long. They sounded so good and I thought, what possibly could I do to add to this already great playing?

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Why would anybody be interested to hear me next to these great players? That pretty much dictates me if there is a market out there and if people want to hear more.

Richard Hallebeek – Wikipedia

I was living in a small town when I was younger and after my conservatory studies I really wanted to go to L. There was one point when all the solos were in from all the rihard guests and I did richard hallebeek record a note yet. Financially, it is a much better idea. I have played it live on different tours in Finland and Holland that I dichard for the Generator album that was released by Mark Varney in Most of richard hallebeek time that works to get inspired and find new melodies.

So this song, I went for that goal, finish it up in 30 minutes and then just leave it like it is.


Just being around somebody like Shawn before and during a gig is inspirational, to say the least. I write for a music magazine called Music Maker in Holland, I interview musicians and that way I get to ask my favorite richard hallebeek I the questions that I never see in the bigger guitar magazines. The vibe of the song and the melody was full of longing and about fulfilling dreams.

Lalle really liked the way the harmony moved in New World and he was playing it on acoustic piano. And all went fine.

Like I said, I wanted this cd to be more straight ahead jazz-rock, so I requested that from the richard hallebeek guys too, to bring in songs with that vibe. Hallebeek took some time to richard hallebeek what went into the making of RHPII, his personal influences, and what it was richard hallebeek working with such amazing musicians.

But it was time for me to record something more personal. The arrangement needed a trumpet and a sax player to play the melody, so when Randy was recording it, it was a logical choice to let him continue from the melody to the first solo. I thought it would be cool to travel in a more mainstream rock-fusion direction and see if I could still sound like, and be, myself.

Performance Adam Levy’s Take 5: But I never used those recordings. By the way, what you here is the demo version of the guitars. Instead it was the ubiquitous music show ‘Top Of The Pops’ that saw lightning strike with Richard at the age of ten after witnessing energetic performances by Toto and Talking Heads on the show.


The album ranges in genres and styles, with something for every listener.

I thought it would be cool to layer some guitars. The 3 Types of Tonal Centers: Luckily, Eric really liked that track and kicked major ass on that solo.

Hurry, all sales end in. What inspired you to incorporate trumpet in your music? Join Free Log In. I have made more money with this album then with my entire previous album combined.

Richard Hallebeek Interview

So go to my website and order a cd or two. With so many musicians featured on the record, was there a specific musician that perhaps intimidated you to record with? I can hear his influence in your playing. I also took lessons from him that ended up in three-hour jams.

This level of drive and dedication saw Richard Hallebeek record his critically acclaimed debut richard hallebeek ‘Generator’ together with legendary guitarists Frank Gambale and Carl Verheyen, and former class mates Scott Henderson and Dan Gilbert.

Eric richard hallebeek the first to deliver his solo in December As a musician you seem very open, eager, and excited to play with as many musicians as possible, while some artists like to stay in their own creative bubble.