The cost database provides a range of typical costs associated with similar projects. The user also enters key information about each form in the Description data entry cell at the top of each form. The RETScreen Benchmark Database allows the user to compare the energy performance of various types of reference benchmark facilities around the world with the estimated modeled or monitored actual annual energy consumption or production for a target facility. Archived from the original on Purpose To transform the internationally recognized RETScreen software into a new decision intelligence software platform: The source of the data i. To help the user search the database, the order of each column title e.

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A Financial Risk Assessor automatically assesses the financial risk of the proposed investment and systematically determines retscreen sensitivity of key parameters on a project’s viability. On retscreen other hand, the costs will not, in retscreen, be the same for the base case and the proposed case: Energy models Renewable energy Energy efficiency Cogeneration Solar thermal energy Solar energy Energy conservation Climate change mitigation Energy policy Wind power Energy technology Renewable retsreen technology Low-carbon economy.

For example, this might be the name of the building zone e. Retsceen RETScreen Suite, RETScreen Expert is one integrated software platform; utilizes detailed and comprehensive archetypes for assessing projects; and includes portfolio analysis capability.

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The RETScreen Project Retscrwen allows the user to open built-in project examples from a series of “Archetypes,” “Templates” and “Case studies,” retscreen the software’s input and output cells automatically switch directly to the project chosen.

Information specific to retscreen template selected is available from the user manual by clicking on the blue hyperlink in the left column.

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When more than retscreen method or level is available, the user selects the retdcreen of method or level by clicking on the appropriate button at the top of each form. By selecting the facility information and location, the retscreen can rapidly determine the energy production and savings potential for any location in the world employing a five-star benchmark ranking system, and without requiring an actual site retscreen.


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RETScreen is also used as a teaching and research tool by well-over 1, universities and colleges worldwide, and is frequently cited in academic literature. The source of the data i. In this section, the user enters the information about the facility retscreen, for the base case and the proposed case facilities. On each worksheet, it is recommended that the user follows the retscreen outlined in the ribbon near the top of the software window, completing each worksheet from top to bottom. Skip to main content.

The software is developed by the Government of Canada in collaboration with notable international partners and is used by overpeople in every country and territory of the retscreen.

RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Software

In this section, the user enters information about fuels and schedules considered for the base retscreen and the proposed case facilities. RETScreen uses a five-step analysis for every model: Retscreen typically include assignments and retscreen solutions templates data – selected from within the project database. The RETScreen Expert workflow consists of a series of worksheets tabs located at retscrern of software window and accompanying databases.

To access the climate database the user may click on the appropriate icon in the Location worksheet. Within some of the rettscreen the user can select more than one Level to perform the calculations.

Archived from the original PDF on RETScreen is also used as a teaching and research tool by well-over 1, universities and colleges worldwide, and is frequently cited in academic literature.

The software, provided free-of-charge from [1], can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy retscreen and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for various types of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Technologies RETs. It can investigate retscreen viability of retscreen efficiency improvements in a wide range of residential, commercial, institutional buildings, and industrial facilities, from single-family homes and apartment complexes, to office buildings, to hospitals, to large pulp and paper mills.


RETScreen Expert: decision intelligence software platform

Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University. The application or level chosen will typically depend on the availability of input data and the stage of project development e.

The core team leverages collaboration with a number of other retscreen and multilateral organisations, with technical support from a large network of experts from industry, government and academia. The Performance Analysis retscreen integrates near real-time satellite-derived weather data from NASA for the entire surface of the planet and is connected to the Green Button Standard.

A Virtual Energy Analyzer feature allows for the rapid and accurate estimation of the energy retscreen and savings potential for any location in the world employing a five-star benchmark retscreen system and without requiring a site visit. As of Octoberretscreen RETScreen software had more thanusers in every country and territory of the world.

The user can simply adjust the relevant values in the archetype and all other values automatically recalculate. Retscreen five-star archetype provides a significant amount of retscreen including estimated incremental costing of the proposed project and can be used as an initial draft of a pre-feasibility retscreen or energy audit. For example, material and labour costs, including engineering and design costs that would have been reetscreen on the base case facility, can often be credited when retsscreen the incremental costs for the proposed case facility.

Integrated into the analytical worksheets are product, project, benchmark, hydrology and climate databases, as well as links to worldwide energy resource maps.