In practical terms, this means that it’s really easy to get false colors, and weird metamerism issues that are impossible to sort out in a preset. And as pretty as that is, it’s not realistic in any way, unfortunately Since the film people are looking to emulate generally means “commercial lab scans direct from the negs,” that’s what I used. This much, I hypothesized, a preset really should be able to accomplish. This, by the way, is something I noticed right away with all of my scans:

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The goal was to replihrome it right for properly exposed, full-tonal range, daylight lit images, and to get everything else pretty close, and I think I succeeded there.

Yes, there are many Kodachrome slides and presets in the world. When one wants the look and feel of film, go shoot film.

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Totally Rad – December 2, [Edited] Thanks for the great, in-depth review! I think Replichrome I and II are fine products, but if you are looking replchrome a product from Totally Rad that iccon can experiment and create an unique look for your photographs that would be Rad Lab.

Foliage greens are a great example of this. Currently there are three sets of presets, Replichrome I: Email required Address never made public. And the matching preset couldn’t do much to magically help it. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Lightroom CC has lots of little improvements, including a face rectangle in People view on the desktop and Sharing improvements on Android. For all of these shots, the exposure settings were identical to start. Lastly, we always stand by our products and have a money-back guarantee.


From basic adjustments to unique color and black and white effects, Totally Rad! As replichromw examine these images, notice the obvious pattern: The issue here, as many of you film shooters rfplichrome know, is that there are a number of variables that make film photography perfectly imperfect: Or the same film exposed differently.

This is exacerbated in this comparison by the film having been underexposed, which subsequently decreased shadow detail in the film image.

Lightroom Film Presets: Full Totally Rad Replichrome I, II, and III Review | Fstoppers

The Lightroom Queen eBooks are already updated for the changes. Two winners will be announced on the entry form and contacted via email. In some of the brighter images I liked the soft vintage effects that were possible, but for the most part this set would be less for a wedding photographer and suited better for specific and most likely niche applications.

However, there are replicjrome few extra edits made on top of the standard preset from Totally Rad!

Thread starter mantra Start date Jul 23, Tags camera profiles film replichrome. Maybe if I was better at it I would be in the business of making and selling presets, but alas, at least as for now Im just hoping someone else will come up with something better than what I can.

A Slightly More Scientific Totally Rad! Replichrome Review: Can a Preset Faithfully Emulate Film?

This, by the way, is something I noticed right away with all of my scans: Even if someone reeplichrome interested, it would be almost impossible to do very well seeing as it’s not even processed anymore. Sean Shimmel – May 4, We’ve heard less and less and still less about film pre-sets over the past year. Replichrime important to note once more, however, is that no preset will be able to percent perfectly “convert” a digital file into something that looks identical to a particular film scan.


The giveaway is often the dynamic range and shadow transition and rendition.

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Twitter Pinterest Facebook Google. But overall, the shadows and highlights don’t match perfectly, if we want to be picky.

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So, this may be a limitation of the tools available within the program, although I found grain to be on icn lighter side for most of my adjustments anyway. What I love is that the tweak kit for this set is not the same re-used kit from the first set, but a specific set for these presets. With this thought in mind, I was more than intrigued when I heard Totally Rad!

Finding and testing the films for the Archive set was an even more intensive process.