He also appears to equip the Overdrive LG, which might be able to make him invincible. Enemies spawn as you enter certain rooms, although they only spawn one or two at a time because you are at such a low floor. In doing so, it poses another question: The Tower of Purgatory. You fight with the same combat techniques against enemies with few strategies, utilizing weapons that offer a wealth of options and a dearth of technique. You control a rogue battle android named A.

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With an army of A. Each level in Rengoku is made up of a series of interconnected, randomly generated rooms, and each room encounter goes something like this: This game is a pretty clear cut disappointment and there is really no other way to say it.

The Tower of Purgatory

The in-game sound effects, on the other hand, are consistently flat and are regoku ill-fitting to the actions they accompany. Enemies spawn in groups of two or three and wield such weapons as the Plasma Cutter A or the Chainsaw.

With its rengoku the tower of purgatory aesthetic and focus on customization and combat at the expense of all else, Rengoku might leave a lot of curious PSP owners cold. Enemies here have top grade equipment such as the Quantum Towfr or AG-9 Platoons, and the mini bosses spawn in groups of two or three for the first time.

Rengoku if fun for about 5 minutes, then it settles into a boring, corny, and downright redundant pattern. Based on how the floor still sounds like metal when you step on it, the glass is indestructible, and the tower does not appear to have glass domes from the outside, it is likely all an illusion. The character customization in Rengoku is unnecessarily irritating. Third Floor This floor is clearly of an industrial design, with a lot of fire and lava below narrow walkways and coolant tanks.


To others, it’s just like rengoku the tower of purgatory other guys say, but what the heck — might as well make the most of it Then you’ll either die, at which point you’ll have all your equipped weapons stripped from you, and you’ll be returned to pjrgatory beginning of the level, or you’ll run back od the start with your tail between your legs.

This floor is clearly of an industrial design, with a lot of fire and lava below narrow walkways and coolant tanks. When Hudson debuted Rengoku at E3the game’s intriguing design and promising customization looked like it might offer promise. You tediously trudge through levels that seem little different from rengoku the tower of purgatory last. Tower of Purgatory all but completely fails to capitalize on the promising prospect of murdering robots all day with its awkward controls and thee tedious overall design.

In eight monotonous levels, you battle an endless number of robots who look and fight the same. This floor is set up as a dark techno dungeon. Dramatic CG and overdrawn animated sequences typically bloat Japanese games, but this game is dying for life, and all it needed to do was take a breath in these big scenes. This is the first normal floor. There is a lot of neon and metal panels in this floor, and the enemies spawn ot groups of three or four. With Untold Legends being the only other option for RPG fans thus far in North America, it makes sense why Konami would yower up this import for release here.


Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory

Please Sign In to rate Rengoku: Bolting guns to your face should be more fun than this. The Tower of Purgatory More Info. And how towe character is fully customizable.

Floor One resembles purgatoyr dungeon or sewer, with cracked dark walls and stagnant black water right below the platforms on which you stand.

You’re here to murder robots, right? The game never throws a large number of opponents at you at once, but you’ll regularly encounter other androids that are simply tougher than you.

Enemies in the larger rooms spawn in groups of at least five.

Rengoku: Tower of Purgatory Review – GameSpot

Gamers can trade equipment and items with other players or battle up to three other opponents in the multiplayer mode. Once the weapon energy rating goes down to zero, you’re back to bare-knuckle brawling, which forces you to backtrack to the terminal at the beginning of the level to recharge.

The style is decidedly gothic, with ornate carved pillars and decorative metal inlay. He also appears to equip the Overdrive LG, which might be able to make him invincible. See all 12 User Reviews. Fifth Floor The Fifth Floor is made of a lot of glass and bright purple neon.