Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. What is Unhinged Reviews? On top of writing, recording and producing about 99 percent of our music, we constantly tour to make a living. Check out our friendly magazine here! Most people can hear the Middle Eastern influence in my vocals.

rebelution skys the limit

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I remember selling that album out of our small apartment in Isla Vista.

rebelution skys the limit

It comes from listening to it as a child and being exposed to cultural and religious practices that incorporate music and dance. And now I’m coming stronger than ever You say I’m a fool I say whatever I’m in it for good vibes together And the loves lasts forever. llimit

rebelution skys the limit

I always encourage my friends all around the country to see a show at Red Rocks at least once in their lifetime. Red Rocks is certainly up there. Mi perfil Enviar letra Mensajes Editar Salir. We are also looking to release an acoustic version of our last album Count Me In at some point in the near future. At one point I became bored with the curriculum and decided to switch to religious studies. The group’s sound is steeped in reggae and has elements of soft rock, as well as, world music.

And now its been 7 years running Backyards and front yards and at the 8, 7 Summit the scene with the banging at senate And son, didn’t really work hard skyw get it.

The Sky is the Limit THC Sits Down with Rebelution Frontman Eric Rachmany

I stumbled onto the group’s album release titled Peace Of Mind and it’s full rfbelution what they would call Good Vibes.


One thing that I noticed initially, from their video is that their focus is clearly on the music and the people moved by it. Sometimes I wish I had followed through with a music degree but when I think about all the knowledge I attained studying several religions of the world, I remain content with my decision.

The lyrics of their songs aren’t deeming in any way and they have a pleasant onstage appearance as well.

Sky is the Limit by Rebelution | Free Listening on SoundCloud

When I speak of clean, I mean fresh and invigorating like drinking a cool glass of limih on a hot day. Back then there were fewer regulations, which was great for us. What is Unhinged Reviews? What keeps us going is the live performances. Chorus 4x No time for the wicked If your in my line ima Go around the side and still bring it Sky is the limit Out of my way You can’t get me down. I hope our music has encouraged the listener to look deeper into social issues that we bring up.

We never expected Courage to Grow to be as recognized as it was and still to this day. At first hundreds, then thousands of people.

There’s nothing like a clear piece of mind To overcome the hardships in life To sort out the wrong from the right Someone’s in line But they can’t get me rsbelution. In college you majored in religious studies. We all met in Santa Barbara, either in school or on the streets lmit Isla Vista. You won’t see tattoos on one arm or an egocentric lead singer trying to become the next sex symbol.


Founded inthe band has grown from playing the local UCSB college bars to selling out large venues and touring internationally.

rebelution skys the limit

It was one of the first places people started listening ljmit Rebelution. The arts open people up a bit more and allow us to relate to each other on a more conscious, spiritual and accepting level. Most of all, Santa Barbara, CA is where we had the craziest shows of all time.

Log into your account. As a musician, how do you utilize this to incite change? There are times when it all adds up and it gets tough. HC Magazine’s roots are in educating on the environmental, economical, and health benefits of the cannabis plant. There’s thhe you can say to me now There’s nothing you can say do me now Limir you can say to me now Nothing you can do to me now.