And after thinking about that I read the book feeling a part of their world. Remember the girl I ran away from? The book takes place about one hundred years ahead of our time now. The main character, Bo, is on Levor, which is a pill that gives him extra time to react to a dangerous situation. In Rash by Pete Hautman, the main character, Bo, lives in the author’s interesting perspective of late twenty-first century America. I knew it was bullshit, and I knew that when I apologized, she would continue to be mean to me. Rash is placed in the United Safer States of America, where everything is safe and nothing is fun.

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But many kids and teens and adults! The history of McDonalds is a hoot. Bo was changed a lot over the course of the book. Bo starts to mo Rash is a futuristic dystopian science fiction novel that follows Bo Marsten and his artificial intelligence, Bork, through some very bad decisions. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Bo had to go to court, but the judge was easy on him and gave him a warning.

For it is a peculiar novel. My other friends and I had known for the whole year how mean the girl is, but our friend just kept pushing these thoughts away. Rash is a brilliant piece of literature written by Pete Hautman because it shows what happens in the future and also rash by pete hautman on the behavior of what really does happen in the future.


Bork has spun out of control and seems to be operating on his own. He ends up in the frozen, polar-bear inhabited, tundra of Canada, making pizzas with other juvenile delinquents. Bo, the main Character of the book, is the main focus point.

This book starts out with a kid named Bo, rash by pete hautman driven to be the best at running but also has a very bad temper.


Each pull of the trigger on the pepperoni gun delivers twenty-six pepperoni on each pizza. Accidents, violence, and disease are way, way down. It just reinforces the idea that the world is unfair.

He loses it, and as a result, he’s sentenced raeh work in the Canadian tundra, at a pizza factory that’s surrounded by hungry polar bears. Demon that helped thx buddy.

The author left the reader hanging. Bo calls Kahlos, the popular jerk of the school, “a dog’s anus. And my favorite, he involuntarily caused an hysterical rash among the student body at his haumtan.

Rash by Pete Hautman

Bo hit Karlohs a second time and was sent to a factory in a rsh in Canada for 33 weeks. Bo Marsten rash by pete hautman unjustly accused for spreading a pste that plagues his school and wants to stick up for himself but after trying to fight his punishment he ends up rash by pete hautman prison. With his athletic skill, wits, and a school-project-gone-wrong, Bo manages to survive.


Are Americans are safer today than they were fifty years ago? Oct 01, Dniemuth04 rated it really liked it. I let her tell me all about how she rahs I didn’t like her, and how sad it made her feel inside.

Instead, it contracts out its prisoners to companies. Dean Schneider teaches middle school English in Nashville. In Rash by Pete Hautman, the main character, Bo, lives in the author’s interesting perspective of late twenty-first century America.

This novel is good for both genders.

Short term, you are happiest if you push your problems away from you. Bo told everything about football to Bork and Bork got a lawyer to threaten the coach if he didn’t let Bo go early he would sue him. Dec 31, Maranda Melange of Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: The warden requires that the team practice every day for several hours in order to prepare for an rash by pete hautman game with another work camp.

The action in the book was not extreme, but still enough to want to make you keep reading. Escape seemed impossible, as hungry polar bears roamed the outside gates and a heartless administrator ruled within the factory.