Otherwise, you may reboot in the live ISO of R1soft again. Created by TB Support , last modified on Mar 08, Choose files or drag and drop files. This function enables the recovery of a complete backup of the entire server disk including partition and boot data following corruption of a disk preventing start-up of the installed operating system. Otherwise specify which partition table needs to be retrieved.

r1soft live cd

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Test the Bare-Metal Restore on each of the platforms. Make sure you r1zoft how to connect to your network. In conventional methods, the process typically involves reinstalling the operating system and software applications and then, if possible, restoring data and settings.

How to perform a bare metal restore –

Thanks to this type of restore function, the user will be able to restore:. Page restrictions apply Attachments: Alternate Agents are configured as other backup machines in R1soft. Restore Windows logical rs1oft Page: Restore options Reboot After Restore R1soft can automatically reboot the server once the restore has been completed.

Launch a bare-metal restore Page: If our Boot CD does not support your hardware, you may need to install additional drivers supplied by your Linux hardware or software vendor when Linux is already booted from CD. Otherwise specify which livs table needs to be retrieved. This article will help you perform a Bare Metal restore of your server.


r1soft live cd

Click on the Cog next to the server you want to perform a bare metal restore for. Check Filesystems After Restore Verifies if file systems are working.

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 3. Once the restore has completed, you may reboot your server and login with the r1spft login credentials.

How to perform a bare metal restore

In almost every case the default is correct but it is important to check. Once complete, you should see a window similar to the image below.

Click on Open Recovery Points. There is no need to first partition your drive and re-install cv operating system. Book a ticket on the emergency channel, directly from your dashboard, requesting restart of your server with the special Bare Metal Restore image.


There are different kinds of disasters you may need to recover from. Steps to run a bare metal restore: Please also reference R1Soft’s documentation on this task found here.

Please note that to begin this process you will need the server root login details and the login information for your R1Soft CDP login page. Make sure that you select all of the file systems you would like restored. If you need to completely restore your server following a failure for example a disk is completely inaccessibleyou need to restart your server, whether virtual or dedicated, using a rs1oft image provided by our technical support team.


r1soft live cd

You will then need to run a few more commands to specify your network address and name servers. Configuring the Network Before you begin, you will want to change to the root account on the live CD. Thanks to this type of restore function, the user will be able to restore: Select the file system you want to restore and click on Next.

Now that we have the network running, you will need to start the cdp agent. Click Bare Metal Restore. After changing the network settings, restart the network for the r1sofr to take affect. Choose the Storage Configuration if applicable.