New map of Castle Fight 1. New type DOTA 2v2 tourney has been successfully added! As you noticed, due to server unstability, few times you were disconnected from server when you were trying to connect to custom game, so I had to update server version. I made new WC3Fixer, tested! Great news for our server players! Just now freshly released a new version of Castle Fight with new futures, balance fixes and map mode support for p1l1s bots. Hopefully this solves the long queues problem.

pvpgn loader 1.26a

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HellHalt players who do not play more than for one month and has a rank higher than 10 will become unranked.

Type the following in game lobby at europe. Local players will take ownership pvpbn non-local users. So some of your favorite maps might not be in the gamelist. Current map list is hereyou can upload your desired maps to our discord channel.

From today all players will be sorted with skill level: Sorry for any inconvenience.

At the moment 1. Dear bot owners, please update your cfg’s to be able to host on our server: Banned IP’s will know for how long they are banned.

Our server still running 1.


However, person must be quite active in the weekly tourneys to have lkader good chance to get to the loading screen because other person, who enters less tourneys but accidentally wins the opening or closing tourney may have loaddr points in the end.


If you win versus lower rank player, your rank will increase only slightly. Released a beta version of Castle Fight for 1. Please let me know if you very desperate about some map, I might find a replacement for a while.

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Let me introduce the next 1v1 mp2 tournament with no orb mode on April 5 Sunday. Added new owner command -! Hosted Globally p1l1s only few players using this version at the moment Custom hero survival only few players using this version at the moment 1. New p1l1s bot just been launched, it’s designed for players who like to play custom maps.

PvPGN Loader 1.26a

Replays are incompatible between major game revisions. Once you achieve a new skill level, it will stay forever.

pvpgn loader 1.26a

Simply connect to Battle. This command works after spoofcheck is completed, about secs of joining the game. The season will consist of one opening tourney, two weekly tourneys up to 20 and one closing tourney. The Culling” human campaign map that was preventing it from loading.

new a w3l source (Page 1) — [EN] Warcraft —

Hard disk was replaced for the better one this time,so in the future it won’t happend again. I will deploy a new patch as I can, but first I have to find a solution for faster patching.


From loadsr you can register new accounts from one e-mail as many as you like. So the simplest explanation will be this: Castle Fight bot p1l1s rank has been reseted.

Recently, more and more people advertising their sites, so from today is strictly forbidden to advertise websites or their names, inside of the game lobby or by hosting a game or anywhere else. So from today you have a true chance to become the number one player in the world.

After downloading this, you don’t need any help at all.

pvpgn loader 1.26a

Castle Fight Bot p1l1s. Currently we are looking to increase our staff, if you want to become one of us mail me,and explain how could you help maintain server and wich position you would prefer.

pvpgn loader 1.26a

Due to the complexity of new patches, there will be no further updates.