The PC version has been released by Midway as ad-supported Freeware, and is available from Fileplanet Ausgamers also has a mirror download if Fileplanet doesn’t work. The Mindgate Conspiracy Video Game 7. Gaea Mission , and Trigger Man , to name a few. Quotes [ after shooting her sister in the head ] Sara Blake: Generally favorable reviews – based on 55 Critics What’s this? Perhaps in another year, the psychic power based shooter would have been a much larger hit. Joshua T Holmes –

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Joshua T Holmes – The only major complaint to be made about Psi Ops is its use of a checkpoint save conspiraxy. Way better than the boring god of ‘bore’!

Have You Played… Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Hello‚Ķ Log in or sign up. Definitely a game with a difference. Unlike any title you’ve seen before, and will likely leave you breathless and craving more when psii credits roll.

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Each is specialized in a certain field of psychic ability the first boss, for example, is an expert in mind control and far more powerful in that field than Nick. I know it was given away free a while back but all the links are dead now and it’s not on Steam or GoG. Screenwriter accuses publisher of lifting action game’s plot and characters from his screenplay. Edit Storyline In the near future, an amnesiac U. The Havok powered physics engine is also put to good use with enemies and objects flying around semi realistically.


Whatever Happened To Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy? | GameGrin

Leaving aside xonspiracy wanton and fun ultraviolencethe various psychic powers and puzzle designs lend themselves to very open ended solutions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I will take your thoughts away They both have psychic powers but second sight doesn’t compare — I owned them both and I like the story of second sight but the mechanics are shit.

Your most powerful weapon is your mind in Psi-Ops: As he progresses, he regains his PSI powers. You need to login to do this. Jump to comments We get a look at a near-final build of Midway’s psi-powered stealth action game. You will forget all about the sub-par graphics and sound. A terrorist movement prepares to overthrow world order, you, an elite American Psi-operative soldier, must combat them.

Livin in a box added Super Smash Brothers Ultimate to their games. Being released so close to the mostly excellent Second Sight comparisons were always going to be made and, for me at least, Psi-Ops just comes off second best.

Midway reveals full E3 lineup New Mortal Kombat game headlines the publisher’s upcoming slate. While not ground breaking in the graphics department the addition of psychic powers to your arsenal not only provides for some excellent new forms of combat it also provides for a great source of replay value. A traditional shooter in many respects, Psi-Ops banks on its ragdoll physics by way of Havok 2. As Nick gets closer to the truth it psi ops the mindgate conspiracy revealed that the Movement has set it’s sights on ancient artifacts that have influenced wars and that in the wrong hands, could unleash a menace of God-like proportions upon the world.


What about it was so interesting psi ops the mindgate conspiracy unique that it could bring about such a dedicated fanbase in a short amount of time?

Not to be confused with Second Sightanother game with similar premises that came out in the same period. The Mindgate Conspiracy Video Game 7.

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Views Read Edit View history. The Mindgate Conspiracy E3 Preshow Hands-On Impressions Midway’s upcoming psychic action game is getting close to release, and we got to play a prerelease version. The game was released in North Yhe on June 14, ; the European release followed on October 1, The Mindgate Conspiracy PlayStation 2.