TopGuard Patrol has the following features: It is a communication tool for all GCS data acquisition units, combined with a report generator. Call to learn how you can trade in your old time clock and apply that credit towards your next purchase from us. The report generator provides a comprehensive evaluation report telling who did what, where and when. Central Time Clock, Inc.

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Skftware Patrol can be used on a stand-alone PC or on a workstation in a network. The electronics of the ProxiPen are potted in a shock resistant polycarbonate housing, making the reader completely splash-proof and resistant against heat, shocks and hydrocarbons.

GCS is a market leading manufacturer of data collection systems which can be used to provide an unfalsifiable record of services which must be performed at predetermined times and places. Includes one comprehensive evaluation report format.

TopGuard Patrol & Patrol Plus- Guard Tour Software

Website Design by DatAchieve Digital. ProxiPen has an extremely high memory capacity and can be used for long periods in the field without the need for intermediate readouts. Call to learn how you can trade in your old time clock and apply that credit towards your next purchase from us. No Preference Email Phone.

We have received your message. Benefits PLUS Version provides extended capacity, more reporting options and other advanced, high-utility features With fully user-editable text fields, TopGuard Patrol can be customized to accommodate any data collection application, including maintenance, service, cleaning, attendance or asset tracking Password requested on startup prevents unauthorized access to master files and configuration of data acquisition units.


GCS magnetic data strips, RFID tags and bar codes can be used as control points or for predefined incidents or personnel identification. You may log in as the administrator or a user, as required.

If you do not receive an email, please refresh this page to refill the form again, or call Up to 7, data media magnetic data strips, RFID tags or optical bar codes can be programmed as incidents, personnel or control points in up to rounds. SinceCentral Time Clock’s three generations have helped over companies accurately record employee time, while providing expert service and support for all of our products. Doing the right thing is easy when you compare it to the burden of carrying around the baggage of alternatives.

Modem Transfer Data transfer by modem allows recorded data to be downloaded from different remote sites to a central station for creating and evaluating reports at one central site. More Details Downloads tour directly to computer Completely waterproof Lifetime warranty on tags Direct contact with tag is softwafe required, proximity reader Never have to worry about rust, corroion, frost, water, paint or making a flat contact between reader and tag 1 Year limited manufacturers warranty 3 years on proxipen.

Make smarter, quicker decisions by having sofrware of your employee information at your fingertips. This prevents unauthorized access to master files and configuration of data acquisition units.

There is not a network version of TopGuard Patrol; however, sortware workstations having TopGuard Patrol PLUS installed can be configured to share downloaded data and produce reports independently. The choice was simple, as experts, we find the Detex product incomparable, we are not confused. And TopGuard Patrol can be quickly configured to display in a variety of languages.


TopGuard Patrol has the following features: All GCS equipment has been designed and tested to stand up to use and abuse in the harshest conditions. Rather than competing with ourselves, a strategic decision was made many years ago to only sell the Detex product line.

ProxiPen Systems and Supplies – EC Cush – Detex ProxiPen and Guard Tour Systems

No Preference Email Phone. Cush Company has been a Detex distributor since The downloaded data is also protected by a CRC checksum to prevent manipulation. The ProxiPen is compact, lightweight and easy to handle because it recognises RFID tags and other transponders automatically without any operating elements on the reader. Why would we confuse our clients? Data is also oroxipen by a CRC checksum to prevent manipulation. Firmware is upgradeable through authorised GCS distributors.

Central Time Clock, Inc.

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