If nagpalit po ba yung version, how do you get back to 5. You now have the latest CFW 5. Boston Brand September 16, Reply. Are they all supported? Aptly called CFW 5. Darkslayer November 19, Reply. How come the screenshots says Prome-4 but when I apply it, it says Prome

prometheus-3 for 5.50 gen-d3

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Thank you for the reply. Xploring Games, Computing, Photography. Boston Brand September 16, Reply. So is it really Prome-4?

[GUIDE] The Ultimate CFW Installation Guide

What is the difference? You should end up with a h. It might be because of rain’s MMS Installer. I found my answer to my own question, yep, once the PSP is fully turned off, you have to undergo: If it is like tat then thx.

PSP x date code location.

Help with games doesnt work after CFW 5.50 Gen-D3 update

I have psp 5. This release is currently Prometheus-3 v2. Now you can only play homebrew games, but for the real fun continue following the guide to install custom firmware on your psp!


Aptly called CFW 5. To access that menu, press select on your XMB. Otherwise upgrade to any of the 6.

prometheus-3 for 5.50 gen-d3

Darkslayer November 16, Reply. How come the screenshots says Prome-4 but when I apply it, it says Prome So I think I updated to 5. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. gend3

Prometheus-4 for M33, GEN-C and GEN-D3

Before leaving the PSP scene, Prometheus developer Liquidzigong left everyone a parting gift in the form of the Prometheus-4 module which will allow you to play games that require 6. I think I found my answer. KezraPlanes Just some dood.

Saina May 15, Reply. Um, I ran the installer, but when I pressed X it says cpoy file error…. If I recall M33 let you use the psp in built update system to update to the newest M33 why the hell doesn’t GEN do the same thing.

[PSP] Custom Firmware Gen D3 – Plays games | Digiex

How to Downgrade with 6. William April 5, Reply. Hi, i have a psp with MHUspeedv3, then i installed a cfw enabler cfwenabler 3. I currenty have 3. Sir question lang po.


prometheus-3 for 5.50 gen-d3

I have firmware gen-d3 with this last update from Liquidzigong Prometheus-4 for 5. Very welcome guide, something that definably need updating from the old guides. Makes things a lot less confusing. Jeffy November 12, Reply.