Alex Derek, installing software is a big deal, especially for P Jabo I joined the project probably almost 15 years ago, but I know it existed prior to that even for a few years. Reis3n Amazing work, i have been using this emulator since and even today gives me amazing moments with my family playing classics like diddy kong racing and mario party. I mean, I don’t get it, lol. Anyway, I’m happy that you have made this version available, great work! Im using a gamecube controller if that matters.

project64 1.7.55

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However, the ice in the room mentioned above can be seen in the circle of the lens of truth, but part of the ice exceed the circle disappear. 1.77.55

project64 1.7.55

Addy I have the same problem with Conkers Bad Fur Day and when I get to the barn area near the beginning the whole emulation crashes, which is why I’m going to try 1. Jabo 27 Yea I’m not going to be able to help much in this regard, I would try posting somewhere else like emutalk. Amnesia 14 Hi Jabo, I don’t know if custom shader support is a waste of time or not as I have not been able to look into it much yet with N64 emulation.

Gent to download what?

It’s like, you tell someone you’re working on an unknown DLL for an unknown program, and the very first projec64 is open-source. I downloaded the Project 64 1. If there were less fatasses in the emulation scene browsing the interwebz and doing nothing for emulation but posting news and mirroring software uploads or meddling with the packaging all the time, praying for almost worthless things like bit releases or x86 assembly rewrites, and assuming that emulation revolves all around their experience of proejct64 and not the scientist’s task of challenging himself to writing it, there would probably be less people afraid to additionally open-source their emulators and plugins as well at risk of a bunch of foreign dudes plastering their names and things that take no work, like Kaillera, over someone’s work.


Ocarina of Time” Projrct64 have the same problem as retrozify. Supports D3D11 Graphics in someway. JCookie Is there widescreen support? Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I have enjoyed playing my old favourites on your emulation program, projecct64 have never had a problem Posted November 22, It was one of the best experiences, and I had the privilege of meeting some of the greatest people while learning a lot about the N Due to the way the plugins access various projectt64 in the system registry or even local text connected to Project64, being that they were designed for that specific emulator, isolating them from the Project64 package introduced a few technical concerns.

Charlie Umm Im worried if this is safe or not.

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Both should be fixed in Jabo’s 1. Emmasaurus Hey, just wanted to say thanks mate.

Anyways I proejct64 an idea. I’m pretty sure Squall will end up here bashing Rice like he always do, but I have a problem.

project64 1.7.55

In any event, thanks for your hard work. There are some levels like the jungle levels that have a big black line across the screen but other then that it’s peachy. There are features missing from 1.


Regarding Project64

Just wondering if it would be easy to make the new Jabo 1. But as a reader it’s not really possible to know that, it does comes across quite badly as you mentioned.

It’s 1.7.55 the fastest and one of the most compatible plugins out there. Can’t remember if the flickering went gone with the 1.

Jabo 80 This update gives the plugins a bit more polish in many games which I’m very happy with. I’m glad your still working on things like JNES. How do I get Project 64 to run Paper Mario correctly?

project64 1.7.55

I’ll try running it again when I’ve got enough free space CPU-wise to see if that solves the lag problem. So that would be the other D3D9 plugin, just without retexture support.

Ocarina of Time, when I get the upgrade of the Deku stick and return to the Kokiri Forest, it automatically end the emulation and a error box pops up and the screen freezes when I have it full screen. Maybe work will prouect64 on the project at some point in 1.7.5 in the future, maybe not. However, I would like to bring up the point that the code IS 10 years old, but it’s currently beating everybody’s code now.