I’m hoping for a content update next, maybe have a pistol this time? It would be totally rad if certain advanced crafting recipes required specialised tools, and could be limited to characters with certain professions. I play this game too much. I waited all night once and in the morning he was still just standing there. Not to mention that more scenarios will start to be added when the gameplay nears completion, filling in any gaps. This is our method of providing a narrative and tutorial and a sandbox three for the price of one. So much yes to NPCs.

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From what I’ve played on the update I didn’t run into any of the older bugs, project zomboid 0.1 5d after I get out of work, and play a dozen more rounds I’m sure Something might pop up. Fri Sep 09, zpmboid Wed Oct 05, Previous topic Next topic. If there was a more “true night” feel to the wee hours of the morning i.

Sat Sep 17, 1: First, kudos to the dev team! BTW, you should add a zomgoid tape item to the game which replenishes like 5 durability on an item You know, this sounded great to me at first. If it moves shoot it, if it doesn’t move, shoot it anyway.

But that’s alright, I’m getting lots of enjoyment out of sandbox mode. It took about 5 in game days to get over being sick. The sickness went away and all resumed normal, after a few days of rest, pain ptoject and proper food. Love the new update!


Anyone have a download to Project Zomboid 0.1.5d?

Wouldn’t the sheer depth of paper rock scissors prkject spock be too overwhelming project zomboid 0.1 5d people to understand?

Sat Sep 10, 8: A doctor might be able to cure all kinds of non-zombie infections and diseases, if he had a bunch of 5 from the pharmacy in town. Display posts from previous: BTW, you should add a duct tape item to the game which replenishes like 5 durability on an item. This would give the player incentives to find NPCs and take them “home”, to feed them and keep them alive if they can.

We’ll make the effects more pronounced later, but as it stood it was game breaking. I didn’t play 0. It would be totally rad if certain advanced crafting recipes required specialised tools, and could be limited to characters prpject certain professions.

What happens if you keep putting in depth like this and a player jumps into the game in 2 years from now? I can’t see how you could make it a long tale of survival since this is “how you died”, but with these story options I think you could have a few where they do escape or at least make it to relative safety for a long time.

Second, since everyone project zomboid 0.1 5d is chiming in with ideas: Once when he did that I chased him down, hoping to kill him and move the story mode on if there were any more, but as I approached him he turned around and shot me in the face then continued walking away.


He’s come into the house and not moved or done anything until he sees me then shoots me on site, or even project zomboid 0.1 5d around outside for a while then walks away. I read that he’s supposed 5v talk to Kate and that I must then kill him, but he just enters the bedroom and stands there. Thu Sep 22, 1: I’ve said it elsehwere and I’ll keep saying it about crafting: It’s probably just a little buggy.

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Maybe a companion system is still a far cry, a trade system where you can barter things with other survivors would be a good start. It will really boost replayability to have NPC survivors with realistic human behaviours and unpredictability. The crafting system needs a huge stimulus package. I am sorry if one has been announced, but I could not find it after a few days of searching. There are some things that kinda drive me crazy though