The percent usage is shown for both tension and shear no bending and shear bending refer to Section 3. The user left clicks this icon once, moves the cursor over the Work Area and left clicks again. This is not true when using the polygon baseplate icon as discussed below. Like the ASD report, the top of the page has a tabulated description of how the loads are distributed to each anchor. By looking at the Information Window described in Section 3.

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There are several ways to run a calculation. This information is mainly used for the provis of loads in the finite element calculation to profis anchor 2.0 baseplate thickness discussed later in Section 3.

Once the user creates one of the standard baseplates profis anchor 2.0 discussed in Section 3. The user accesses this window by clicking on the Create Report button found in the Results tab. Due to file size, much of annchor information discussed in this section will not be ancor in the standard download, but is available on CD or can be downloaded by clicking on Update as discussed in Section 3.

This dimension does not affect the baseplate thickness calculation discussed in Section 3. The user can either save an Adobe Acrobat file by clicking the Save to button icon. If the HNA calculation method is used, no calculation will be performed.


It is anticipated that in the near future, the default methods found in the United States region will function with these anchor patterns, as well. Efficient Notes Document management. For example, if the user chooses Undercut and Bonded, Profis Anchor would only show the profis anchor 2.0 that are both an Undercut and Bonded.

The user must only click OK on each window to have the changes made in that window implemented. What is the issue?

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Suitability is determined by: When by axis is selected the edge distances are shown as cx, c-x, cy, and c-y. Like the Load Bearing Mechanism above, multiple selected criteria are treated as and conditions, with each anchor solution meeting all criteria.

Product solutions are provided on the left hand side of the product panel. The results can be found in several places on the Product Panel.

Hilti PROFIS Anchor

It is not critical to center the matrix on the baseplate. Profis Anchor stops calculating Shear Concrete Edge Failure capacity when the edge distance is greater than 10, mm in. A different location may have been chosen during the setup process. The user should not include any commas in load input data. profis anchor 2.0

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The user may have to click the Method Calculators twice to activate method and run the calculation. Therefore, the report generated is profis anchor 2.0 prlfis ASD capacities and will be set up in the manner described below. The Baseplate Tab 3. The base material is not rotated. Mechanical, Adhesive, Cast-in Headed Insert. Ive run a calculation.


Easy access to the published data, upon which this version of Profis Anchor is based, is explained in Section 3.

Currently, any non-matrix patterns e. However, if the allowable steel strength, all Ns, is the controlling failure mode i. A couple of choices are discussed in more detailed below. To proceed to the next tab, simply click on the Next button or click on the next tab. These icons act as shortcuts to perform various functions in Profis Anchor that profis anchor 2.0 also be performed through the Menu Bar discussed below in Section 3. If a stand-off is specified, Profis Anchor also checks for shear bending refer to Section 3.

To cancel the input, click on the Cancel button. This region may be changed as described in Section 3.