Can you provide few pointers on how to get started on that. Debian Bug tracker Permanent link to this keyboard: Well it is apparent that somehow fc-cache doesn’t find the information required to generate the appropriate fonts. Correctly rendered Telugu text in Dapper 3.

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Notice that fontconfig correctly detects that the Hindi fonts provided by ttf-devanagari- fonts should be used to render Hindi text. Meanwhile do me a favour and alsofile a bug report against ttf-indic-fonts in Debian. Maybe I did not use the correct syntax; please have a look. Changed in ttf-indic-fonts Baltix: Incorrectly rendered Telugu text in Dapper 2. Do you already have Keyman for iPhone and iPad pothana2000 font on this poothana2000

Pothana2000 (Pothana2000.ttf)

Desikachary, in documents which use the font. This is because that package correctly defines the lang field in its fonts. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


Gont Source not available. Desikachary License Restricted – see terms below This font is made available for free or for a voluntary donation. Links This page presents a single entry pothana2000 font displayed on the site along with additional properties. To post a comment you must log in.

Correctly rendered Telugu text in Dapper. Incorrectly rendered Kannada text in Dapper 8. This bug also affects the following font packages: Content 1 Pothana font.

Do you already have Keyman pothana2000 font Android installed on this device? Because the solutions given here work for us. This problem should be solved potuana2000 the package migrates to Ubuntu.

You can enable this by installing language support for any of the Indian languages.

Pothana Telugu Keyboard

For other languages atleast for Korean? The fonts have pothana2000 font correcly chosen in Firefox and the problem with Freefont getting higher priority has been solved.

Comments 0 No comments yet. To my knowledge, the fonts. I am also facing the same problem on ubuntu 6. In an ideal scenario, pothana2000 font will have multiple Telugu OpenType fonts on the system and we will have to have a default font set somewhere in the system. For example, here is the situation before the fix: Correctly rendered Pthana2000 text after fix 9.


Thanks for the solution on that wiki Sunil. Can you provide few pointers on how to get started on that. How to contribute information. Email me about changes to this bug report. In my opinion we should be looking into the metadata contained in the fonts themselves. Kurapati sunaku on