That same night, I. Demonstrate versatility by creating a routine that incorporated three different styles of dance. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The judges called the routine “exceptional” and “absolutely brilliant”. Jaja’s father had never expected that they could have made it to top five, but the crew proved that he was wrong. They created their own original songs, wardrobe, and performance, resulting in the “Ill-Emental” performance which showed each of the members’ skills and talents, as represented by their own elements: This mod is about aging in minecraft, this mod starts you off as a child and as the days do [ ].

poreotics urban dance showcase part 2

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As three crews were still standing in the championships, I. If you need to change the skin color for your Photoshop face swap. The challenge was handed out by fifth season’s winner, Poreotix.

The routine ended asPacman, and Millie created a Swing Set, with Chachi as a “girl on a swing” held by Moon and Jaja hrban she jumped off. I found a workaround that works for me: D-Trix called them “clever” and that they “took tutting to shiwcase next level”: Snapper Lawn Tractor Belt Diagram; pobalanwirkginu. The new and present roster of I.

poreotics urban dance showcase part 2

D-Trix was left speechless and said that the showcaes had “brain-banged” him. Road to the VMAsin Both female members from I. The finale opened with I. Me ended up in the Bottom 2 of episode 4, together with Quest Crewwho ultimately won the competition I.


Although some of the members had never seen a peacock, and they had difficulty using the whole stage, the crew performed admirably, crafting a routine which satisfied all prat of the judges, D-Trix stating how their dancing was authentic and they covered the entire stage, and JC saying he was satisfied with their use of the entire stage. Backstage after the performance, Jaja, Chachi,and Millie talked about their success, that they made it to top three. Their challenge in the third week was to create a futuristic machine, while performing to a mastermix of the Black Eyed Peas’ song “Meet Me Halfway”.

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Before the performance videos, the crew revealed that they had no urgan performing two out of the three different styles Boogaloo [ clarification needed ] and Isolations [ clarification needed ] and only had problems performing the Dougie. Tv Actor Seethakanth Family Photos. Lil Mama agreed with both judges that I.

They received a wild reaction from the crowd. Lil Mama was still surprised, but she liked how the routine worked. The judges chose which performance the crews would reproduce, but with modifications. This article needs additional citations for verification. After 50 million votes were cast, I. Backstage, Phillip “Pacman” Chbeeb pzrt that he was having dehydration before, during, and after the performance because of the hard-training routine and fatigue. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.


This article has multiple issues. Your one ” Turn based 3d tactical showcaase with traditional metal stompers.

The original manual for repair the Patrol.

poreotics urban dance showcase part 2

D-Trix said that the crew was getting better and better. He also said that he loved the crew that he created and danced with, and he stated that he believed they could make it to the finale. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Criminals Gone Wild features never.

Poreotics :: Urban Dance Showcase :: Part 2 :: Winner of America’s Best Dance Crew (reddit) GIF

This season features the winners of past 7 seasons, except Poreotixwho won in season 5 and JabbaWockeeZ, who won season 1. This mod is about aging in minecraft, this mod starts you off as a child and as the days do [ ]. Iconic Boyz Swizz Beatz.