Just wanted to say great tutorial and thank you. Also, I dont care if its your job or out of the goodness of your heart, if you are giving advice and its not spot on then dont give the advice. On to my question. For XBMC to scrape you have to set up content to scrape, and then put in library mode. YAMJ will create all the fanart and store in a central jukebox folder.

popcorn hour yamj

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And now I have art work in with the movies, and some in a cache folder for Yanfoe. Drive and have YAMJ use that remote share as the media file repository?

Popcorn Hour C – Finally arrived! Help on setting it up plus YAMJ | AVForums

Not sure, do you see the studio icon, that is what it could be? Did you try setting up SMB similar to how I set up in my samba guide?

Will report back if I find some time this weekend. It does more than that, but that is its primary function. So you threw a HDD in that has movies on it? Those principles are very important, particular the first two.

For kicks, I tried using Aeon and had pretty much popcoorn same issue: Where should I store my films? Thnx for you very quick replay again.


popcorn hour yamj

The title takes up two lines and everything below that episode cant be reached. Are there really a lot of occasions when you will need to zoom through your box yamh as fast as possible? Is there any clear indication of what this problem is, or should I just start over and be more careful with the modifications? Thanks a lot for your reply.

Guide: Setting up YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) + Aeon in WHS —

I think you would have an issue if for example you have your YAMJ jukebox on one share and then try to play back content that is on another share. Latest version of yamj solved the problem. Without completely rehashing all the details available hereI’ll point out a couple important things here.

I am not sure if the same thing applies if you use the Sabish All In One package which is what I was testing recently. Just got my pch a and wondering if your guide still applies since its been a while since you wrote this. For YAMJ it makes no different whether you keep your movies in separate folders or one big folder.

When you make changes to some of the settings YAMJ will not overwrite so you have two options:. Was asking after having read this: I noticed all the comments and you are very helpful.


Hey fellow Mac user here. Once you have done the above, then you should have a drive or folder share with your films on, with the YAMJ index and jukebox files in there. My interested is more academic I guess….

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Here is actually a writeup I had done a while back that I was planning on updating:. There is no way I would be able to document all of them nor do I really care to! Do you know of anyway that the index.

popcorn hour yamj

When I did the setup it was with the a and used that IP address to set the path. Download Modified Toolbar Extract files to C: When you go into video-nfs on y our PCH, what do you see? ANd selected add and save. My set up has changed throughout the time of owning my first Popcorn Hour, which was the A Can you confirm in your skin-options. Yeah, because hitting the Enter button when you are in the Movie Detail page serves as the play button.