Learn from the best: You are grown up, tell what you feel and move on with your life! This girl to me is trash. On second thoughts, this dude looks like hes got potential, not bad looking…stop wasting your time and come to me and i will give you the TLC that you deserve from a real woman.. OOOwe ba Miss Daisy,naimwe yamakwela ma temper??????????? Is all our tax going to be used by one particular individual?

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Girls are like beasts, they will take your heart and tear it into pieces. You can tell her you have just discovered that you share the same father. Ma dude kupaka pa blogg and you decide to settle for the young man. It seems you also have issues.

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When Giving Life Ends in Death: Has this guy made up jis mind yet? Baby C wil never engage herself aswel,trust me. Let the girl go. The gal will handle it…just tell her you have moved on chapwa….


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However the venue is likely to be on LT again dxt this time the ring might be under weekend pictures,login for more updates!. Kaya, is this what u call moods.

This is because you also show some inconsistency in your dealings with her. All what that girl wants is to find a channel through you of coming to German. Jamaco, Tafilepanga sense ifi. Keeping in mind that our feelings are also a result of our thoughts.

Apa panono mwaiche, though the best is to tell to go to hell. This young MAN needs help you are together pa Germany.


She is just after your money. Young man, this is a simple matter. Do you find the word nachisungu offensive? Both of them should be concentrating on building a career. Nachisungu, LT can keep his comments. Young man,the fact tht it was love at 1st sight purely indicates that u were both infatuated. Young cat, you are very behind in dealing with young ladies. But if you dont want herplease tell her bambi bakamufwayeko.

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You can tell her that you have become gay. Give us some stories are educative and remind us of home please. Did you develope anything for this girl pomps you met?


Ahahahaha, Ba Moze, nachilaseka fye boss. So this is your 1st and last chance to dish her. It was love at first sight and we developed strong feelings for each other. Zoe, LT moderated two of my comments also. When you left to go study abroad she knew she pompis a no we dat to lock you down in marriage because with you her life is set and maybe she wa slooking to get EU residency.

Things have changed, Mwaiche. Forget about her and take your time to find a suitable partner for life. Sweetie you are too young for marriage.