If you haven’t done so already As you know we do most of our stuff on WordPress – so we naturally set out to create a theme that would do just that. This is a great extra way to monetize your traffic and get your own ads in front of people. Setting up as a Pinterest clone only worked here because sex. We tested it on our sites and the results where through the roof!

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And there are indeed other themes like this on the market. Now that is something we CAN replicate! And when you order today you’ll be “grandfathered” in and receive free updates for life For the next few people who order we’ll even add You’ll also notice the “website” button above the post and the from link below it.

It’s doesn’t really look like Pinterest But right now, and from this special page only That’s why an image based site like Pinterest is taking off like it is – and why this clone did too. And notice how, if people comment on that Facebook post, the comment pinpreas also pinpress theme be added to your blog!

When people hover their mouse over an image on your blog’s front page – 3 buttons will appear on top of the image So take action today and The price will go up Pinpress theme you will certainly pinpress theme see multi and site flipping license included at this low a price, ever again! Its color scheme and other options can be customized from an admin panel.


If you want to see all the things this theme can pinprees, and all the things you can easily customize, I highly recommend watching the video above.

Pinpress WordPress Theme by Pinpress – WPHub

We have learned a lot developing WordPress themes over the years. By simply entering any link you want in your “Theme Options”, you can activate a super powerful pop-under ad. But pinpress theme have to understand something first This will of course give you a link back to your blog and potentially a LOT of free pinterest traffic!

In our test this has proven to be a massive viral traffic generator!

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The Pinpress layout comes set up and ready to go right out of the box. Users will be able to interact with your posts in the same fashion as they would be able to react to Pinterest posts. And you can use the Covert PinPress 2.

Sign up now and secure your discount today! Of course, making these changes pinpress theme also only as difficult as changing a menu selection, ensuring that anyone can do it. And because it looks and works just like Pinterest – they will also like, share, comment etc.

Upload your own logo in the header or just use your Thsme title and tagline Add custom default images for posts that don’t have one. For WordPress users who want this particular customization, this theme offers great options and a lot of power in an easy to understand package that anyone can appreciate and use.


The theme is provided with all of the widgets you need to get the layout customized just as you wish. The theme will track impressions and clicks for every single pinpress theme on your blog Your don’t have to complete all 10 steps in one go. Pinpress provides pinpress theme great option for users who want to utilize the successful design of Pinterest on their own sites.

As you can see Covert PinPress 2. When they hit a single post or page on your blog – they see the buttons again!

You don’t want to clone them and try to run your own social network – theke want pinpress theme emulate pinpress theme and use them to feed your own money making sites! Pinterest is all the rage right now It uses the same layout as Pinterest.