Continue to work with the installation, as in the stationary program. I will have nothing more to with them until I get a reply. I will buy proDAD but take long time to get here stiil ordering. Hello, I have Studio 11, the effects are in the folder HFX 6 see them all, but those who are in the folder HFX 5 and Mega, Pro, declic and free, I can not see, even when they are released and installed. If this is not the case, we will publish here an addendum or a modification to the tutorial. Name or surname required – publicly visible on the website Name Is Required. I then re-read your instructions and saw that for Vista the UAC had to be turned off!

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HFX files are in: LWO Lightwave3Dset the color and apply to three-dimensional texture objects, add light sources and control the opacity of the shadows, as well as the position of virtual camera. Thanks for your answer.

Can anyone else advise me on completely uninstalling Pinnacle Studio 9? If nothing work, please contact us through the contact page, or through forums. Three-dimensional object in Hollywood Fx Pro can act, and text. However, this effect will only work within your system, since, when moving to another computer may not have some element of the library.


Monche, If you have Hollywood version 5 and 6 on the same computer it means you have Studio 9 installed beside studio I forgot to move the objects. They were very usefull.

Thanks you for showing me to get 3 unlock FX For V Each time I save it another shows up. Do I need the repare-HFX. Please write in your mother language, we can try to translate your problem. It changes and allows me the transition I selected but it keeps on not being shown in the Studio transition window Where did I miss?

Worked like charm in pinnacle 15 on windows seven. Bearing this in mind, the developers gave the editor of transitions Hollywood Fx Pro rich tools for working with 3D.

The procedure for treatment: I would rather recommend you visiting our Liquid forum and to send me bvregille a private message with all your information serial numbers, email address and I will get it addressed by our support team. I couldn’t get the transitions to work.

Dont know what to do! Hey I followed every direction in the tutorial but it still doesnt show up.

Among the new features of the utility can be called an unlimited number of video and the ability to create effects in the unrestricted permission.

Other effects are fully applicable without change from the previous version. It works for Studio 12 ultimate. The program can create the text using any installed font. Continue to work with the installation, as in the stationary program.


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Next on the finalization installation will be prompted to activate the method of treatment procedures. About Me soft turbo None of the files shown here are hosted or transmitted by this server. It keygdn not solve the problem. Name or surname required – publicly visible on the website Name Is Required.

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But in your films, this effect will work properly. Since we are receiving more and more requests, we do not effedts the ability to answer on a case by case basis. While loooking for answers to some questions I came accross the Declic site and am very glad I did. Integration with 3D In order to effect the transition has been spectacular and has attracted the attention of the viewer, it must contain elements of three-dimensional graphics.

If any copyright material inform us we will remove it. These files will be recreated automatically pinnwcle time you start Pinnacle Studio; Then open Studio 9 to rebuild the transitions album.