Theyjust poured, thank God, didn’t bash us. You don’t worry, a lion will eat meat only whether in forest or in zoo. People are waiting for you. Wait, I’ll take you to task. Why are you running?

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The audio was released and distributed by Aditya Music. Find some local man and marry him. You zamihdar super market but it’s a fish market.

Pilla Zamindar () Movie Script | SS

PJ committed the mistake, why are you asking us to leave? How many times l’ve told you not to be mischievous? Fate mauled him badly But don’t know why he beat you. Please hear it fully!

Where can he go? There’s no science without me. Let’s bait for him in the evening, if morning is not possible. Anyway people are waiting for me, l’ll come later. They shouldn’t suspect us, right?


We’re uneducated people, we pilla zamindar dialogues on fighting for revenge. We knew you’ll win, sir. Don’t get angry on him because he beat you.

Say it in Telugu. The place we hung our heads in shame, we must walking tall with head held high in that same place, PJ.

Donkeys must its job and dogs must do its job.

Pilla Zamindar Dialogues – tastelinoa’s blog

Don’t play with emotions. Don’t get tensed, his name is nationalization. Dialogues Chandra Sekhar Art. Come in quickly son.

Pilla Zamindar Movie dialogues

Gelupu em undhira maha aithe prapanchaniki ninnu parichayam chesthundi … Okkasari vodipoyi chudu prapancham ante yento neeku parichayam avuthundhi Telugu master: Am I wrong in aspiring to become vice principal? You’ve passed the first year in city, right PJ? Am I not here? PJ has changed a lot, l’ll vote for him only. pilla zamindar dialogues

Nani Fires On Srinivas Avasarala – Best Emotional Dialogues Scene – Pilla Zamindar Movie Scenes

Ika MD spoof ayite matram racha. People are waiting for you. Earth will not dialoguse thinking the world has a tomorrow How dare you beat a constable! This is your palace. His life is going from bad to worse So, you’ve told them everything about me. Where are the beds?