Dates are approximate only. It reveals its qualities best in the richly-inked and crisply machined first specimen text. Gill began work on Perpetua in at the request of Stanley Morison, typographical advisor to Monotype; they had met in Financier, by Kris Sowersby , is a respected revival influenced by Perpetua and other Gill designs, in particular the more solid Solus and Joanna. Journal of the Printing Historical Society. Once the Malin type had been cast, Gill found some of his decisions unsatisfying seen in extended passages of text, leading him to propose changes and corrections.

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Retrieved 24 November Manually cutting punches was the standard method of creating the matricesor moulds used to cast metal type, in the previous century, titlig was now effectively a niche artisanal approach replaced by machine pantograph engraving. One was a sloped romanin which the regular style is slanted without the different letterforms of italic type. Archived from the original on In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

This proved very successful: Eric Gill’s Masterpieces of Wood Engraving: New roman and related founts”.

Retrieved from ” https: This unusual design decision was done under the influence of Morison’s opinion that a sloped roman form was preferable to that of cursive italics for use in book text, providing less of a contrast with the roman. A Tally of Types”. The choice had appeal to Morison and Gill, both converts to Catholicism.


Journal of the Printing Historical Society. One of several options proposed was a modified version of Perpetua, increased in bulk for the conditions of newspaper printing. Morison was consulted to advise on a custom typeface for the Times around the end of Perpetua’s convoluted development.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Old Truman Brewery, London. Transitional serif typefaces Monotype typefaces Typefaces tirling fonts introduced in Typefaces designed by Eric Gill.


Retrieved 3 September Perpetua titling mt bold font same type and illustrations also done by Gill for that book subsequently appeared in the journal on printing Fleuron ttitling 7 which was edited by Morison and printed in ; Gill Sans was also promoted in an issue of it.

Ovink derided Morison’s attachment to manually engraving pilot versions of metal type by hand as worshipping the past for no good reason in a review of his work printed shortly after his death: Perpetua, it may be said at once, is eminently suitable bolv certain kinds of books Perpetua has been digitised by Monotype and a basic release is included with Microsoft Office.

While Gill’s Perpetua is probably better suited to combine with line-engravings in copper, etchings, mezzotints or watercolour paintings, the [somewhat bolder] ‘Golden Cockerel’ type undoubtedly fulfilled Gill’s intention for it to combine most charmingly with surface printing from wood-blocks. Retrieved 28 July Univ of Massachusetts Press. Morison late in life conceded that. When we added more slope, it seemed that the fount required a little more cursive to it.


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Examples of titlign are the flat foot titlinv on letters like ‘h’, ‘m’ and ‘n’, where most body text italics would have a curl or no serif at all. Gill began work on Perpetua in at the request of Stanley Morison, typographical perpetua titling mt bold font to Monotype; they had met in Views Read Edit View history. Archived copy as title link Monotype Imaging: Retrieved 7 October Methods of Book Design.

Along with these characteristics, Perpetua bears the distinct personality of Gill’s characteristic preferences in carving monumental lettering for uses such as tombstones, dedications and war memorials. However, the oblique was not accepted by Monotype management, who went so far as to declare it “worthless.