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A, T, T Fengxing: Ki, Ki, Ki, Ki, flazh Sotel: Fly V, Fly-V Vivo: C, Ni, ST O2: N, N, TV, other Smadl: N, N, N Hagenuk: Supported models GSM – European series: F, F, other Fly-Ying: Air99, MK99, Slide99 Airphone: Cart details Go to summary. Ki, Ki, Ki, Ki Sotel: L6, W, other Corn: S, TV, other BK: Looking for something else?

G, G, G, G Uninor: DS, Jazz, M Haier: Air99, MK99, Slide99 Airtel: B2, M55, X, other Bizhao: A, A, A, A Simcom: Eoni, Eoni SC Zingtong: N82, Q7, Q8, other Melbon: Software can be found and downloaded directly from producers webpage. N, N, other Huaxi-Ang: D, G, G, other Digga: E50, V, V, other Yes-Optus: U, U, Pel c5 flash file mstar Samsung: C, Ni, ST, other O3: L7, L7 MT Wellcom: M2, MBM, other Mercury: V, V, V, V, other Viva: E66, Y, Y Meiye: Classic, C Samsung: E3, M1, V2, other Platinium: B2, M55, X Bird: A8, V50, other FunnyMobile: