Other sources include frequency modulated oscillators, tuned oscillator layers, white noise, and sine wave from a self-oscillating resonant filter. I have tried it 4 times, once I left it on overnight and it just stayed stuck saying 9 minutes to DL… Now it is showing stuck at 2. I recorded these years ago when my friend was loaned the Hrimaly Stradivarius. For online press releases, high-resolution images and other media resources, please go to https: As if it needs mentioning… This refill requires Propellerhead Reason 5. Accent Programming with the Kong Refill.

peff refill

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Post Sun Feb 08, 3: A founding member, Arabian Prince www.

peff refill

Thanks Tony for the share! Redistribution of these files is prohibited without prior written consent. I’ve never noticed it before.

peff refill

In the end, this required that all the patches originally programmed with velocity switching zones at needed to be duplicated and modified with lower switching thresholds. Post Tue Jan 20, 1: Velocity to amp scaling patches pdff straight duplicates. This refill includes the REX loops used to extract the precise feel of the swing. They’ll also be offering an on-site discount to conference attendees who wish to purchase one of these units.


Propellerhead Software Introduces The Producer Conference

The kits are right there when you load up a Kong. Having these files as refilo is handy to customize a sequence rather than rely upon tracks on a CD. Propellerhead Launches Reason Compact 2. Patches and example configurations for the Rhodes ReFill.

That wouldn’t make any sense would it? All conference attendees will get an opportunity learn more about the certification. Includes full sound patches as well as 50 pattern only patches. This involved selectively […]. Thanks to adfielding for inspiration to do it like this via his video tutorial! More information regarding this beta version. Post Fri Jan 16, Post Tue Jan 20, 4: Post Sat Apr 01, 2: The Refill contains specialized combinator patches to emulate the features of the synths.

samples in the Factory Soundbank –

Post Wed Mar 29, 6: Edited by Jim Aikin. The percussive effects and ambient textures are based on the woodwind samples. Kong Patches v – The Kong Kits with velocity switching accents at Multisamples of the virtual instrument recorded through an analog signal chain.


This material is only for Power Tools for Reason 2. The Kong patches are programmed to alternate between the various samples to simulate the inconsistency of analog hardware. For example the bass drum required sampling 6 different tone settings, with a normal defill and accent hit at seven or eight different decay settings.

Plugins and sounds Deals

One set is recorded through a D. The first set is based on original recording. I will really enjoy this kit.