Are you an organization with diverse needs and geographic locations? Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. There are three ways you can upload data Figure Controlling the false discovery rate: When configuring task options, hover over the tab to obtain additional information regarding each option Figure 6. Robust and searchable online documentation. Permalink Jul 07,

partek flow

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Context sensitive menu for unaligned reads data node. Whether a cloud, cluster, or server deployment, it provides the elastic computing resources and flexibility to scale with ever-changing needs. Transcript assembly and quantification by RNA-Seq reveals unannotated transcripts and isoform switching during cell differentiation. Partek Flow offers all the advanced tools and user controls that bioinformaticians and system admins demand.

Automatic, elastic scaling of computing resources. After samples have been added and associated with valid data files, a data node will appear in the Analysis tab Figure 3.

partek flow

This page will show recent activities you’ve performed, recent projects you’ve worked on and pertinent details about each project. The most efficient way to assign sample attributes is by clicking Assign sample attributes from parte file and uploading a tab delimited text file.


How to Analyze Lexogen QuantSeq Data with Partek Flow

Specifically, this tutorial will illustrate how to: Strong data, security, and user access controls. Watch a webinar of how to set-up a simple RNA-Seq project. Simply point and click your way through your analysis.

Scripting abilities for advanced users. Others will be able to execute it on demand. A t tachments 2 Page History.

Collectively, they represent a data analysis pipeline Figure 4. Partek Flow Home page.

partek flow

Created by adminlast modified on Dec 05, Once they’ve been created, assign the corresponding sample attributes for each sample. Data associated partem any data node can be downloaded by clicking the node and choosing Download data Figure 8.

Partek Flow Genomic Analysis Software – Lab and Enterprise Solutions – Partek Inc

Logging in to your Partek Flow account will bring up flwo Home page Figure 1. Implement scripts in custom pipelines that others can execute. The Analysis tab is where you can invoke tasks and view the results of your analysis. Point-and-click for ease of use.


Re-prioritize tasks in the queue. Partek Flow offers the enterprise tools you need to store, manage, and collaboratively analyze large genomic data sets. The Analyses tab contains two elements: More Partek Flow features. You have all the power and tools of command line without the fflow.

Partek Flow

Are you an organization with diverse needs and geographic locations? Clicking a data node brings up a context sensitive menu on the right Figure 5. Created by adminlast modified on Jul 25, While Partek Flow has the ease of use that researchers desire, it also has the advanced tools, user administration controls, and flexible scaling abilities that labs and enterprise organizations demand.

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