I’ve discovered an interesting and amazing parallel between the two major Western astrology programs and the two top Vedic astrology programs. The program displays or prints the entries into new signs, Nakshatras, and Navamshas, and transits into a point’s sign, Nakshatra, Navamsha, or degree. This is a great feature. The program has very precise calculations and works well on computers with large or small screens including laptops. I love these features immensely, as they allowed me to design exactly the pages I wanted to see and print out, with more control and power than any other Eastern or Western program. This is a great electional astrology device.

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In other words, you could view a list of your clients by which planets are strongest for each person. You can softwxre at segments that are one, five, ten, or sixty minutes apart.

Vedic Astrology Software – Parashara’s Light

Base examples on any chart of your choice. In addition, you can easily switch between viewing worksheets of four panels 2 by 2six panels 2 by 3nine panels 3 by 3twelve panels 3 by 4and sixteen panels 4 by 4i. This page presents all major calculations relevant parashara light 7 software the planet, in a way that the interpretation is consistent and clear.

The new Muhurta electional page shows rasi and navamsa charts for any date, planetary positions and standing, three dasas, a short list of keywords for the nakshatra and thiti, plus a “thermometer” indicating the auspiciousness of the day in general, for marriage, and for travel.

I will be writing more in future columns about Parashara’s Light version 6, as I explore the power of this major upgrade more fully. All the dialogs within Parashara’s Light remember their last size and position to value your preference about the placement of each of the dialogs.


The program also has superlative research functions. The program also parashara light 7 software in red sections pertaining to the most recently calculated chart, and can print them out about 15 pages. You can keep track of any reports you print from the software. The Dasha Effects module also uses classical references to interpret each dasha, bhukti, antardasha, etc.

It can search a set of charts for factors such as a planet, house lord, or planet’s dispositor in a specific sign, Nakshatra, house, or dignity e.

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You can choose planetary entries into their own signs, nakshatras, navamsa, and degrees; ingresses into signs, kakshas, nakshatras, subs, and sub-subs; and the beginning and end of sade sati. Throughout the software, you can use either the mouse wheel or one lght the 2 time change tools interactively with all of the objects on a screen e.

This module is awesome in its capabilities.

Reports Reports have a clean look and are beautifully designed. The Auspiciousness Graph is a colorful bar graph display of the planetary strengths using Softwafe Bhala, Vimshopak, shastiamshas, avathas, ligjt, and the number of good positions in varga charts. This is a great electional astrology device. While looking at a dasha listing in a worksheetyou can mouse-click to view earlier or later dates, change the number of dasha levels displayed e.

Parashara’s Light

You can name each worksheet you design, save your favorite ones to the Charts menu, and display any worksheet quickly by pressing the first letter parashara light 7 software its name pressing the letter more than once to cycle to the right one, if there are several worksheets starting with the same letter.


You can also import charts from older versions of Parashara’s Light into this version and that would save you reentering all the data. You can also add the Muhurta elements to any page. Each has many features no other program has, and represents years of state-of-the-art programming. Light the Way The glowbos are in danger! After softwate trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. You can copy any of the interpretive text to a word processor now.

The research section of Parashara’s Light allows you to search charts for one factor, or look at the factors in common in a group of charts.

Experience Parashara’s Light in action at www. Forgiving Atlas Lookup The Atlas lookup process is highly sophisticated.

Miscellaneous Parashara’s Light in general is very fast and efficient. Parashaga Timeline displays a monthly calendar with the Vimshottari dasa changes indicated, and a graphic ephemeris for the month. You can include Lunar phenomena such as changes of tithi lunar daykarana lunar half-dayand parashara light 7 software Sun plus Moon pointMoon phases, Moon rise, and Sun rise.

The program now analyzes each chart for over yogas, and prints a beautifully formatted report interpreting the yogas that are active in a chart. Parashara’s Light is the best Vedic program by far for both Macs and Android devices, and one of the top Vedic programs for Windows too.