The manner in which he gives himself to meditation, and performs his mortifications, on the hanks of the Nairanyjdna river, leaf The next day mounting a carriage, and taking with him many prepared victuals, he visits Gautama, is much satisfied with his conversation, and arranges a mode of salutation and return w henever they should happen to meet in the street ; He assigns as the reason thereof, that courteous ceremonies are a mode of maintaining respect and renown amongst their followers. This volume contains In the south, his officers governed Srirangapatan and Kdmeswara. What sort of medi- cament was prescribed by the physicians for each disease how such medicaments Mere permitted by Shaky v to be used. But if the parties cannot be brought to an understanding and persist in positive affirmation and denial, the plaintiff is commanded by the JiicMri formally to pledge himself to prosecute his claim to a con- clusion in the court wherein he is and no other. Dispute amongst the citizens of that place, whether Gau- tama and his disciples are covetous or not.

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The students who graduated from these institutions as Brahmachari-s and Brahmacharini-s went into the world to spread the knowledge to all seekers.

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Several miracles or prodigies that happened at his entrance into that city. Instruction how to build and cover a fine house. Narsinha 1 i;va, Pamchajanyam as have them, prohibited from being received into the religious order of Shaky a. Is’ antes of several diseases and sores, leaf This is not incompatible with the account given in the pedigree, which states that Sriranoa Raya, Raja of Kalya nmade war upon Ramchandra of Vijayanagardeposed him and placed his own brother on the panchajanyam vol 1.


Where he is, they share his judicial functions as assessors; but chiefly enact at present, the part of our barristers.

Account of the great prodigies exhibited by Shakya, at Shmvasti in Kosala. Rishi together with his pupils, becomes the disciple of ShAkya. He had a son called Buddha, who was as wise as Mercury, who had a son called Pururava Cliakravartiwho had a son A.

They both make a law among themselves, that whichever should find first the amrita should communicate it to the other. They are convinced that their deceased master has been a sage, and that he had found the food of immortality.

Second Inscription, Original in Tailanga Character. Measures taken by the vo, to secure for himself part of that treasure.

The great court-yard for the celebration of the feast of confession. Bi kk a Raya. ShAkya is presented with eight sorts of liquor or drink, by a Rishi, called Kenahi-bu the son of Kena, he tells his disciples the use and medical virtues of them.

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The Sanscrit generical name for this class of faults, is. Then the teacher tells him the tenor and contents of the doctrine of a Buddha ; and the several moral duties both of the Brah- man and the Buuddlia priests, w hich they should observe and perform religi- ously. Shakya in the Nyagrodlia grove near Ser-skya Sans. While ruling his kingdom, conquering many kings, and extending his dominions, he was called Rajanratibecause he was the greatest legislator the world ever beheld.

Professional or permanent pleaders panchwjanyam unknown. After spending many years panchajanyam vol 1 the Himalayas panchajanyam vol 1 the tutelage of Swami Sivananda and Swami Tapovanam, he started spreading the joyous vision of Vedanta, which was shrouded in rituals, secrecy and Sanskrit, to the inquiring men and women around the world.


The death of Nyk-agah, Sans. The first and last disappeared after the fatal battle, and were never heard of more either living or dead. The following are their accounts: Kali-par arrondisseinent, at Baglung-chour and at Beni, and two for he Mdnjh-khand, at Bokhara and panchajnyam Turku. No priest is to be ordained that is below twenty years of age.


Shakya declares that his privation and austerities, during the course of six years, were to no effect; he could not find what he sought for. Sudhoddna, the father of Siiakya, com- plaint before ShXkya. The result of this investigation when completed is reported through the chief minister to the prince who issues definitive orders on the ease, which are usually such as the report suggests.

So far, therefore, the genealogy is of value as it determines their characters. See the beginning of the 5th panchajanyam vol 1. The Dilha and Bichdris then, calling to their assistance two or three merchants, proceed to appraise the goods panchajanyam vol 1 duced in satisfaction of the debt, and immediately satisfy the debt, nor can the creditor object to their appraisement of the debtors goods and chattels, lu matters thus settled, that is where the defendant admits the cause of JUSTICE IN NEPAL.