Grabbing the opportunity, Murthy asks Rishi to extract information about Kittu from Vaishali by flirting with her and making her fall in love. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The director purely depends on the energy levels of Ravi Teja and the comedy angle. Thaman, Sunil and others attended the function. The entertainment is interesting in parts.

pachi mirapakaya movie

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Murthy sends Rishi to Hyderabad and gets him admitted to a college as a Hindi lecturer as part of an undercover operation. He mjrapakaya him and asked for a story. He is the life and blood of the movie.

Pachi Mirapakaya Photos

Geetha MadhuriKarthikS. Osthe is mildly appealing”. Thaman, Sunil and others attended the function. The director purely depends on the energy levels of Ravi Teja and the mirapwkaya angle. The entertainment is interesting in parts. His colleagues fondly call him ‘Mirapakaay’.

Archived from the original on 16 Pacbi He narrated the script of Mirapakaay in the title Romantic Rishi first to Pawan KalyanAfter listening to interval episode, Pawan Kalyan gave him a go-ahead. And fortunately, this Ravi Teja starrer comes as a pucca mass entertainer for Sankranthi.


Namitha Kapoor in Pachi Mirapakaya movie

Rishi meets Vinamra Richa Gangopadhyay at a temple and falls in love at first sight. It’s a Ravi Teja movie and he never disappoints a fan who is mirapakayya search of some good old fun. Ravi Teja proves that he can hold the audience purely with his high-energy levels in action, comedy and romance scenes.

The audiences could enjoy the film in a festival mood and relax without cursing the hero or the director. At this juncture, Vaishali Deeksha SethKittu’s daughter, joins the same college. And whats more it is festival time and a few laughs will definitely do you a world of good. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

pachi mirapakaya movie

Retrieved 15 September During the shooting time of Shock he said that he would do another film with movir irrespective of the commercial outcome of Shock. After the failure of ShockHarish Shankar faced struggles in his career. Mirapakaay have lots of action mixed comedy as we find in all recent movies of Ravi Teja.

Films directed by Harish Shankar. Retrieved 30 October Rishi Ravi Teja is an inspector in the Intelligence Bureau. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was Ravi Teja who gave Harish’s birth and rebirth as a apchi.


He initially offered her the role played by Deeksha as she was an NRI, but when they met to review the script, he was convinced that she would do justice to the character of Vinambra, a traditional Brahmin girl. We have to wait and see how Mirapakai is lapped up by the crowds.

pachi mirapakaya movie

Rishi makes Vaishali fall for him and reaches Kittu after killing Shankar and Linga. For others, it looks tepid and boring.

You can’t go wrong with a title as racy as Mirapakay. He finally arrests Kittu and his gang. Incidentally, she studies in the same college and in the same class to mirapxkaya Rishi teaches Hindi.