Morningstar India Help Desk e-mail: It may be the most important essay ever written in the world of investing. It is about becoming a better human being. Jan 02 The best equity funds of Jan Getting a perspective on side pockets.

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You can read it in detail here. A Man for All Markets: Munger’s invocation of multiple mental models has given him having a mindset characterised by four guiding principles that any ordinary investor should follow: A bunch of you are brought before a rich and eccentric citizen named Glotz. Two of his most famous quotes on the subject are: And outstanding investor digest charlie munger was very good at it. How do you use the discount rate to calculate intrinsic … Read More. Little wonder that Bill Gates is known to have commented that Munger is truly the broadest thinker he has ever encountered.

Collection of investment resources

Please login or register to post a comment. In a edition of The Outstanding Investor Digest, Charlie Munger recounted the types of business models that he and Warren Buffett like to invest in. He also analyses a business’ competitive advantages, mindful that few businesses endure for multiple generations. I’ve done it several times during the last two or three years in a very important way.


During the Annual Meeting Munger was asked the following question regarding indexing and what it might lead to: Mhnger, what are the factors that really govern the interests involved, rationally considered? Mutual fund distribution requires human touch.

Subscribe to ValueWalk Newsletter. One of the key takeaways for us as small investors was when Munger said: The carrot part of this talk is about the general subject of worldly wisdom which is a pretty good way to start. Terribly dlgest people make totally bonkers mistakes by failing to pay heed to it. If you look at Berkshire Hathaway and all of its accumulated billions, the lnvestor 10 insights account for most of it.

An Important Lesson From Ben Graham by Charlie Munger

He was a kind of a polymath and a genius. One of Munger’s principal frameworks is to more broadly understand, collect, and organise the factors affecting an investment candidate. Membership Login My Profile Register. This means drawing what he calls “multiple mental models” from a variety of disciplines, including engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and psychology.

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B vice chair Charlie Munger. So you have to learn in a very usable way this very elementary math and use it routinely in life – just the way if you want to become a golfer, you can’t use the natural swing that broad evolution gave you.


They’re amazed to find that high school algebra works in life For example, everyone can see that you have to more or less just guess at the useful life of a jet airplane or anything like that. You never get totally over making silly mistakes…”.

Charlie Munger’s Worldly Wisdom: Part One

Accounting has its limitations, even though it may look like a precise science, there are plenty of grey areas. And it’s not very hard to understand its limitations.

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He could write poetry in Latin. Morningstar India Help Desk e-mail: