Find your post, find your shelter In hopes of outliving the undead Build your walls, maintain protection With ambitions of beating the odds This is about keeping stong in your faith and not letting go no matter what. This is not a joke. Again, this is not a test. Flag emilylouize on October 11, User does not exist.

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Its general concept concerns the story of a relentless zombie apocalypse due to Hranica’s strong interest on the subject. Outnumbered the devil wears prada the actual lyrics do mean something.

Retrieved July 8, We as a species are overwhelmed. We do not have any tags for Outnumbered lyrics. Don’t be typical please.

Add your thoughts 25 Comments. The band’s metalcore musical style evolved considerably after the release of With Roots Above and Branches Below. Even they sing about parts from the bibles but only the darkest parts though.

More The Devil Wears Prada lyrics. Allmusic praised the group’s musicianship expressing enjoyment over the array of influenced entwined with the EP’s eerie concept. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.


The Devil Wears Prada:Outnumbered Lyrics

It was released on August 23, Nothing is at seems anymore. The guys just wanted to have fun and make a 5 song disc with a zombie theme.

Oh, with ambitions of beating the odds. Like scavengers on waste, like vultures on the sick, zombies outnumber the living. Standing at accuracy’s demise we have reached the new world wasteland.

Again, this is not a test. Flag dr0mztm on July 08, Bands and artists will put out their stuff for a message, or not. Are you aware of how the media controls the peoples thoughts? At this point in time we know of only one method of killing the creatures: Credits for Zombie EP adapted from Allmusic.



outnumbeerd For singing about Christ. Upon the EP’s release, it debuted at number 10 on the Billboard and number 2 on the Independent Albums. General Comment I totally think, with hollywoods demonic views on zombies and the picture we have of zombies, that the infection is christianity and is spreading rapidly. You must enable javascript to view this page.


And yes, whoever said it’s only about zombies mustn’t think much. Lyrics submitted by blessthefateedited by daginger17AdamArtz.

Views Read Edit View history. Build your walls, maintain protection with ambitions of beating the odds. It’s symbolic what they did with this album.

The Devil Wears Prada – Outnumbered Lyrics | SongMeanings

It’s not a “clever front” or anything like that. Be on the guard of any loved ones who may have recently been in any sort of contact with the infected.

A band with a reputation for Christianity won’t just go “hey lets go do an EP about zombies” without an agenda or something to behind devvil.

Build your walls, maintain protection with ambitions of beating the odds.