They are supported with a legend from and a sheet of a track tape. For The Heart 3: Piano missing in the mix. Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever. There is a person at the end of these critiques and some of the comments laid before Lene Reidel are simply unfair. This will come with a page booklet of memorabilia and photos. Apart from the “A Legendary Performer” series, Joan Deary also came up with the idea of removing Felton Jarvis’ excessive overdubs giving fans a chance to hear a more purer Elvis sound with a focus on his voice.

our memories of elvis ftd

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our memories of elvis ftd

EIN indepth examination of all the individual tracks is shown below Whatever the genuine purity of each individual track, these albums were a great concept at the time and a true relief to any fan who suffered through the overdubbed messes of Elvis last two studio albums that Jarvis produced.

Lovely simple mix Organ lower in the mix Studio Backing Vocals faded out. The booklet has an unfortunate typo stating that the first volume of Our Memories was released in when it should of course say The original back cover artwork for the Volume 2 vinyl album is also featured on the inner panels of the tri-fold cover.


our memories of elvis ftd

Studio backing-vocals faded out. Some of the songs sound as if Elvis is singing it on my couch, sitting right next to me. This CD sounds very warm and after comparing it to the original vinyl I have to conclude that there is hardly any difference between them.

Of course the outtakes and undubbed masters on the FTD classic album series come close, so an alternative may be to create your own compilation. Did You Miss these Popular Interviews?

Our Memories Of Elvis, Volume 1 & 2 – CD review

Finally a bootleg again that will find its way to my player more often. Sirius Elvis Satellite Radio. Yes, a mastering glitch is inexcusable if it is not rectified but as far as sound quality goes, the responsibility lies with the powers that be not elviz more in restoring the audio, or bothering to proof listen the work – a bone of contention that would have saved FTD the hassle of having to fix past issues.

February, in the 7″ Classic Album series.

Thinking About You 3: Recently Added Shop Items. Ernst Jorgensen interview about ‘The Complete Masters’ and more: Don’t get me wrong, I would rather audiophile engineers be working on all Elvis releases, and yes, there are products that should have been fixed.

Clean Elvis vocal Great alternate version as all studio versions have the backing-vocals. The CD’s themselves are basic black discs which resemble the album labels from the U.


Review | Our Memories Of Elvis 2-Disc Set from FTD

Review by Piers Beagley. In My Father’s House take 7 2: Recently Added Shop Items. Sonny West Part 2. The album cover said “Just Elvis singing as he did in the recording studio — the pure Elvis without the additional accompaniment. The spark dimmed, and familiarity took the place of innovation and challenge.

The last 3 discs of Complete Masters are not a “sonic letdown”. Find Out What’s Happening 2: Listen out at The “dueling guitars” were off kilter on this original and removed for the Master.

Our Memories Of Elvis is a 2-Disc FTD Set : In Stock | Elvis CD News

Lene Reidel is not the terrible engineer she is painted to be here. Not a great song in the first place but much better here.

In My Father’s House 2: Excellent Solo Elvis version recorded in his Palm Springs home. More of a rhythm section mix. Click here to comment on this review.