MZ “Kingfisher” Toys – Planes. Cat Mammals – Felidae – Cats. Only mountain or vallry folding to be used. Musk ox Mammals – Bovidae – Cows and Buffalo. August , Place:

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Imaginary beings – Demons. Jellyfish Cnidarians – Anemones and Jellyfish. The Origamihouse award is selected by Origamihouse.

Folded by Christophe Boudias. Dennis Walker’s Origami Page. Pureland is the notion proposed by British folder John Convenhion, in which any folds other than mountain and valley folds are prohibited. A member of Vietnam Origami Group who is renowned for his unique designs using the wet-folding. Folded by Alessandro Ceroni.

Gilad’s Origami Page

Mammals – Suidae – Pigs and Boars. Mammals – Bovidae – Cows and Buffalo. If there are questionable processes, the board of JOAS should make the final decision. Folded by Andre van Meulebrouck. Flora – Fruit and Vegetables. Folded by Eyal Reuveni. Call for Diagrams We have closed applications for the convention book.


How to Register Just send a message at webman origami. On the other hand, any manipulation that involves no folding, such as unfolding, turning over, tucking in, or opening up to 3D, is allowed.

The convention book will be available convntion the date of the convention. Only mountain or vallry folding to be used. MZ “Kingfisher” Toys – Planes. Religion and Holidays – Christmas and Santa Claus.

Kingfisher Birds – Coraciiformes – Kingfishers and Hoopoes. Magpie Birds – Passeriformes. Birds – Falconiformes – Birds of prey. Folded by Francois Ziegler.

Diagram for Origami Tanteidan Convention 18th | Thank you JO… | Flickr

New, pureland folding method by Tachi Tomohiro for the traditional crane. Cat Mammals – Felidae – Cats. If you are making a model of a copyrighted character, you must have permission from the copyright holder s. Shield box Boxes and Containers. Millefiori Geometric and other shapes. The rules for the competition are: Dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Zero cube Geometric and other shapes. Black-hooded pitohui Birds – Passeriformes. Pig Mammals – Suidae tanteidn Pigs and Boars.