Added Authentication Client for pin-code or password printing. Added support for Kyocera PCL6 printers e. Removing some debug information from modules. Fixed error with printer toner level. There are several fields that show last printed documents, most active users, printers or computers, along with several details like device names, documents, pages, cost and more. Added vieweing of XPS printed documents. The incorrect definition of number of pages for local print jobs is fixed.

o&k print watch 4.6

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Added advanced records delete option.

o&k print watch 4.6

Fixed error with printer toner level. Added current user balance in a web-interface. Improved printing copies determination for XPS print jobs.

Improved printing copies determination for EMF print jobs. Fixed error in SQL database creation script. Added support for Canon laser printers. Added support for GDI printers e. Add users tab tree. Added charts in the web-interface. Added printers supplies report in Control Program. Add printing quotas for users, groups, printers.


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Add web interface for report viewing. It’s available by request.

Added user’s description from Active Directory. When assigning specific printing costs to each printer, it is possible to restrict print jobs based on the printing cost. Removing some debug information from modules. In some cases it crashed the spooler service. Fixed zero pages number for large print jobs. Added multiply users groups peint. Added printing quota by pages.

o&k print watch 4.6

Add more correctly print job name determination. Fixed number of printed copies determination for ZjStream print drivers. New printed documents images saving engine.

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See What’s new section. Supporting multiple printing devices and unique printing pricing combined with per-user quotas and audit of all print jobs makes it possible to cut down printing costs and save on printing. It may cause crush Printer Spooler.

o&k print watch 4.6

Added print usage report for ALL printers. Fixed an error in unpacking stored printed documents. Added database compact and repair. Fixed error in duplex printing recognition for PJL printed jobs. Add viewing images of printed jobs.


August 14, Trial. Pause, Resume, Delete, Restart. Added support for Brothers devices supplies. Fixed web-interface search error.