You take his voice and overlap it over, oh I don’t know, a Nickelback or other alternative metal band, and he’d fit in perfectly. I am having a hard time understanding why this is space rock. To my mind, Oceansize is a true example of what Modern Prog should be. Naturally, this is countered by the sort of alternative metal touch on “You Wish”, followed by the alternative rock “Remember Where You Are”, which segues into the heavy hitting “Amputee”, followed immediately by the somber “Unravel”. Results cached 12h Items ordered by ending time Showing all 26 items.

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This is prog at it’s best and it puzzles me as to why this band isn’t receiving the popularity in prog circles the way it should be. He does some extremely creative and difficult stuff.


It’s a kind of big brick, of very deep and inte I love to listen to it at night with my headphone on, most lights down, enjoying a beer. These tracks have many downer qualities which is good as it gives balance to the album, oceansize effloresce many of the first tracks are positive and uplifting.

Not all songs are as heavy as wffloresce oceansize effloresce song, but most songs progress within its running time. Of their first three albums I find this by far the most compelling though I’ve not heard ‘Frames’ enough yetbut all three are worth a listen. And there’s more than sixty minutes still to go.


OCEANSIZE Effloresce reviews

I don’t like alternative rock with long orchestrations and a couple of experimentation so called “prog” as Radiohead or Dredg, but I have to say Oceansize is one of those bands and they are very good in what they are doing.

It does get fuller. There’s some great melodic moments in this song, another great track. Saturday Morning Breakfast Show is my second favourite track, another great composition like the 4th oceansize effloresce. Inventive, oceansize effloresce, stellar musicianship, great vocals with a lot of emotion especially at the louder sections, this album and band has it all. It’s sheer power in numbers with a driving rhythm and soaring melodies.

Oceansize – Effloresce

In fact, throughout most of this album his singing began to remind me of Mike Patton’s singing with Faith No More, albeit fuller and thicker. Having analysed it, it’s a good time to say that at heart this oceansize effloresce contains a selection of excellent, powerful songs.

After a song that powerful, it’s time for another interlude. One guitarist is playing a riff on the left speaker, the other one is completing this riff oceansize effloresce the right speaker, which gives the impression as if the guitar is circulating from left to right and visa versa and the third guitarist is playing a completely different riff in the centre of both speakers! Pretty heavy but almost a normal song, unusual for Oceansize.

After the lovely part they surprise once again from 7: His screams at times even seem perfect for the occasion.

The first moment to breathe is the short and spacey instrumental “Unravel”. I have but a handful of EPs and live viewings to compare this opus to. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. If I could I’d give it 4.


Album Review: Oceansize – Effloresce / Releases / Releases // Drowned In Sound

Oceansize effloresce have seen Oceansize live a couple of times and this guy is so good on the drums! Much more quiet this time but also this style suits them very efflorsece. On this album, the variation in dynamics is most apparent on the epic longer songs.

Their album Frames is better, but here you oceansize effloresce good piece of music that deserves a place in your collection Unravel features some piano though, but overall there’s no use of keys in the music presented on this disc. Please consider supporting us by disabling effloresec ad blocker. After that, the band is ready to knock us out, and strangely enough, without a single odd time!

Then Oceansize are for you! This is an interesting album. This song can easily put thoughts of a boring song structure and repetitive riffs to shame. Just listen to the heavier section of Massive Bereavement and you’ll hear it. There is a little space rock here, but sharing equal parts of their sound is a heavy alternative rock and post-rock.