There are many good songs on Effloresce and some excellent too and other than the already mentioned songs I would pick the melodic Amputee, the long and stoned Massive Bereavement and the funny titled Women Who Love Men Who Loves Drugs but you could pick any song on Effloesce as they are all good. The drums bludgeon even as the guitars caress. The constant rush between soft, gentle guitars and the brash, metallic roar of the heavy sections almost makes you question what you’re listening to. It could have been a 5 star 60 minute album, but it has become a 75 minute 4 star. It was everywhere, on my computer, in my CD-player, on my mp3 player, wherever I went. In between the two tracks are three excellent songs. No way to play this album at night to get asleep!

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No wonder though, with three guitar players it is almost normal to get such a powerful sound. Amputee starts with the same psychedelic guitarsounds as at oceansize effloresce end of Massive Bereavement oceansize effloresce this time they only last a few seconds though I have to admit they do come back a few times.

The last three tracks are very long and tend to sum up the previous areas of the album well, though in a softer form. This builds into “Massive Bereavement”, definetly a massive track that has a noteable builds as the first half is quite gentle and oceansize effloresce, which then finds its way into some excellent angst, full of thundering guitar riffs and menacing vocals.

This is where I really began to crave more interest in the band, since my previous interest in post-rock during my depression days has recently faded.

Well, this proves I was very wrong with my initial plan to give this 3 stars. Nevertheless, I can almost as easily recommend having this one in your collection, even if only for the awesome second half. Now I will be recommending Oceansize to all lovers of the harder side of progressive music. Other songs like Remember Where You are and Amputee offer too much of the same and distract from this band’s obvious talents.


A good example of this is my favourite track of this album, the song Massive Bereavement. Don’t worry, though, this is not the only masterpiece of prog on this album. This is prog at it’s best and it puzzles me as to why this band isn’t receiving the popularity in prog circles the way it should be. Massive Bereavement and Remember Where you are, are great prog tracks.

Seeing this in the flesh, so to speak, is one thing but for this imagery to be expelled from a five inch plastic disc through wires and air is a much more unnerving and compelling experience. That atmospheric touch is ever so present on “Rinsed”, and the post-rock oceansize effloresce of using “rock instruments oceansize effloresce non-rock purposes” is clearly there.

After this the song is showing the class I was talking about in my opening sentence. I must say this has to be possibly one of the best albums I have ever heard.

Oceansize – Effloresce

Reminds me of Trail of Fire of oceansize effloresce Frames album. Anything to be noted is the production. Having analysed it, it’s a good time occeansize say that at heart this album contains a selection of excellent, powerful songs. Apparently OCEANSIZE don’t consider themselves progressive, but despite themselves they have created an interesting and unique amalgam of sounds and styles from a variety of sources, most of them progressive.

Oceansize – Effloresce | The Arkive

Oceansize effloresce impressive stuff this. There’s certainly some resemblance detectable. This is a long way removed from the sort of music we called ‘progressive’ in the s. Not all songs are as heavy as the “Catalyst” song, but most songs progress within its running time. Oceansize effloresce does some extremely creative and difficult stuff. Oceansize is a modern rock band that takes in whatever idea, influence or sound that fits their songs, just like King Crimson, Genesis or Yes did in their time.


As a small note, if you are interested in this album, try to find the fefloresce edition. I also caught some nasty touches of emo-ness in You Wish, but the rest of the song is strong enough to overcome it. Even the cute breakdown can’t save this one from mediocrity.

Oceansize could easily be pegged a standard post-metal band, but they’re so much more than that. Their next two would find the band really hitting their stride, managing to play even more complex rhythmic patterns while maintaining melody and atmosphere.

Mike Vennart has the pipes oceansize effloresce a wannabe Nickelback rock star, and instead of sounding shy and timid like most shoegaze bands follow, he’ll be crooning like a pop star until the heavier riffs come in, to which a point where he’ll break down the walls with oceansize effloresce sudden shriek of anguish and despair, which brings up another moot point.

Forum user Forum password. This “Massive Bereavement” is not for everybody. Interesting song with again nice atmosphere.