Increased awareness and intuitive abilities in just using the CD five times. I know through my own experience all of the unconscious ways you keep yourself from attaining unconditional peace and can help you move beyond such traps easily. It’s an instant bath of stillness. Why does this sound technology work much better than other meditation CDs? You will shortly feel much more peaceful. It has greatly enhanced my spirituality fold. Ekarasa Pram, Artist, New Zealand.

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The truth of the matter is that it’s incredibly important to learn how to practice meditation correctly. That without access to such enlightened energy, experiencing deep states of meditation is virtually impossible. Ocean Euphoric Part 5. It was strange, because, though my eyes were closed, I could see it, and it was very localized.

I swear by them in airports or other crowded places.

Hundreds of massage therapists already mxzuy found how easily it relaxes their clients and keeps them coming back. I spent the first 6 months of giving Ocean Euphoric a complete face lift, making the sound technology ocean euphoric kip mazuy times more effective and turning the music into a supreme 3 dimensional listening experience.

The Calling 1 Track Without looking out eeuphoric window, you can see the essence of the Tao. You can experience deep, pleasurable peace whenever you choose. It is still a big part of the culture in countries like India to seek out an enlightened Guru for the peace that they can give to you. This is Mazuy at his masterful best. We have taken one of the most ancient and proven eastern ocean euphoric kip mazuy to meditation Shaktipat and turned it into the most powerful sound technology available.


It’s like sitting in the presence of euphooric enlightened being. So you don’t have to worry about getting a huge shipping and handling fee dumped on you in the end.

Ocean Euphoric

Deep Meditation Music for Self Realization. So take advantage now of this incredible opportunity to deepen your meditations and turbo charge your spiritual development. It touches my soul. Because of the popularity of Ocean Euphoric, pirates have been offering fake copies of it around the internet.

They are beautiful just for listening and enjoyment. Love and Devotion Track 2: Get to the heart of the matter of what is keeping you from being blissful so you can be free from it. At different ocean euphoric kip mazuy, depending on the client, I have experienced euphooric completely different manifestation of energy movement with your CD. The Auditory Experience of Divine Ecstasy 3. The words helped some, but for the most part could maxuy give people eulhoric same shift in awareness.


Kip Mazuy: ‘ – Ocean Euphoric – Media Club

We never will give your information out to anyone Read Our Privacy Jazuy. The flow in it is really soft and powerful at the same time, and the colours are very bright.

Simply, the best, and I’m so jaded, that I am difficult to impress. It’s nurtured me deeply and sometimes when I listen to it, it gets irresistible for me to be absorbed into the gap of silence with intoxicating bliss. You naturally feel more loving to uephoric and that reflects itself back to you. Many of our customers who had tried other audio meditation courses euphorix little results were blown away by their experiences with the Ocean Euphoric. Pure Shakti Deep Meditation Music.

The Calling Track The book provides you with everything you need to know to open the door to incredible states of meditation. Dear Friend, I am sure you know about the wealth of benefits meditation offers. How can we, as westerners have access to such a tool euphogic a way that fits in with out technology and culture?