Retrieved 29 April Oh, yeah, of course. Louis, Connecticut, [places] that I would never have been to without this. An edited version of the transcript appears below. They have since dropped the prefix.

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It was at the Wells Fargo Center, and I think it was sold out. Knowledge Wharton High School: What has been the best part? You guys have been pretty successful so far, though. But what advice would anr give to them? I want to know more about Moosh and Twist.

We were doing it for fun and because we love music so much. Moosh is described as the pure spitter with a more laid back and technical flow while Twist’s vocal tone and frenetic delivery brings the adrenaline.

Ocd: Moosh and Twist: Top of the World – Musikstreaming – Lyssna i Deezer

That was the first time people took notice of us from a more legitimate standpoint. We were adopted when we were younger. The individual styles of Moosh and Twist complement each other very well. Retrieved 23 January That was definitely a highlight.


You were just kind of mposh together in eighth grade and enjoying it? Retrieved 29 April Back to those high school themes for a minute. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We’re noosh to graduate high school.

As an independent music group, unsigned to any label, their success is largely tied to the power of social media.

They have since dropped the prefix. We work the other 9 to 5 — 9 p. Mlosh are some of your biggest hits and your most favorite songs?

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And then Twist — my name is Oliver, so Oliver Twist. If Shakespeare were alive, he would probably be one of the best rappers. They released a few music videos on YouTube but the one that took off the fastest was for “City Kids. And taking a little bit of molsh everybody else has to offer and putting it in our music. High school was a huge theme that we ran with for most of our lyrics.


Top of the World

In winterthe Philly duo toured overseas in Europe for the first time. Who is your team? Where do we start? There were 15, people there. Music is what we love. It was a hard decision to follow through with.

OCD: Moosh and Twist Drop: Top Of The World Video | Cave Magazine

We fight for each other no matter what. You get to the door. How successful have you been so far? And then Twitter we [started] a couple months ago and are both at around 4, followers.