Print this article Related topics: Putting the Contract Agreement first is consistent with the order in which Contract Documents are usually assembled in practice. More explicit provisions as to what the insurance is required to cover—i. Principals, in particular, will need to modify their standard amendments to reflect the changes. All referenced documents are displayed below. Traffic management plan must meet requirements for traffic management in Contract. Principal arranged construction insurance, including existing structures:

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But, while this addition will promote more nzs3910 approaches to cost reimbursement contracts, parties should take care to select the right contracting method where rates are used, as a measure and value approach may be more appropriate.

NZS 3910:2013

The ability to require the Contractor to provide a Comprehensive Programme – including details such as work sequencing, a critical path analysis showing activity durations nzs3910 dependencies and key dates relating to site access together with the provision of Principal supplied materials and services and the works nzs391 Separate Contractors – reflects current best practice.

Variations Oral notice of any instruction or matter Contractor considers to be a Variation removed clause 9. General conditions nzs3910 contract for the supply of equipment without installation You nzs3910 be interested in this related standard Business continuity – Managing disruption-related risk You may be nzs3190 in this related standard.

If the Special Conditions provide separate nominated percentages, those are to be added to cover overheads and profit.

Understanding NZS Conditions of Contract

A party must make available to the other all documents and information necessary to nzs3910 licences. Perhaps the most significant change is that NZS nzx3910 been split into three standards, which, together, supersede NZS Reference is also madeto differences in business processes nzs3910 to be followed under NZS design and construct contracts.


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Provisional Items allow the parties to include individual elements of work nsz3910 which a nzs3910 has been agreed in the Schedule of Prices against nominal quantities. Replacement Progress Payment Schedule will be issued where Principal notifies Engineer within 10 Working Days that it wishes to make a deduction nzs3910 amendments to the Payment Schedule.

Where there is no applicable or derivable rate, the Variation is valued on the basis of Net Cost, with the nominated or reasonable nzs390 for overheads and profit added. The Contractor or Engineer is then entitled to require the other to meet in order to explore proposals nzs3910 avoiding or reducing the impact of the notified matter. Contractor arranged professional indemnity insurance: Although the changes nzs39100 in NZS The Standard contains essential commercial provisions aligned with the requirements of the Construction Contracts Act Changes in structure The Contract Agreement has been relocated to the front nzs39110 nzs3910 Contract, so it is no longer hidden back in the Second Schedule.

Requirement for Special Conditions to set out nzs3910 specifically the required insurances, responsibility for nzs3910, and value of insurances clause nzs3910. However, we note that the Conditions of Tendering still do not provide protection for Principals from potential liability in respect of process contracts. This document may make references to other documents.

As I am extremely happy with the newsfeed it is one of the best I receive Nzs3910 have no suggestions at this time for improvement. The letter from IRD can nzs33910 viewed here: Provisional Items differ from Provisional Sums in that the latter are instructed and valued as Variations.

New NZS contract – more than a chip off the old block – Publications – Chapman Tripp

Within seven Working Days after receiving payment claim, Engineer nzs3910 behalf of Principal issues Progress Payment Schedule stated to be nzs3910 until the expiry of 12 Working Days. Where Engineer unable to provide Final Payment Schedule within the time required, a Progress Payment Schedule must be issued for certifiable amounts, but any such schedule provisional only and not “final”.


Exercises, case studies and a multi-choice test are used to bed in knowledge and to share experiences. Safety plan to address how Contractor intends to comply with its obligations as to safety under 5.

On completion of this course participants will Use course nzs3910 as an up to date reference for managing contracts Understand NZS This review resulted in a new standard that is much more comprehensive and user-friendly than its predecessor.

Includes Word form schedules that may be completed with project specific details. It is expected, however, that the need for such Special Conditions will be greatly reduced. Similar to previous provisions, except that now the Principal may effect a separate policy or a series of policies to provide the necessary levels of cover. Contractor must urgently attend to any matters nzs3910 safety or environmental impacts clause nzs3910. Quality plan Contractor may be required nzs3910 Special Conditions to submit quality plan.

On balance, we like it – but there is a lot for users to digest. References This document may make references to other documents.