A reminder was inserted for the seller that the loans on the property will need to be paid off at settlement. The paragraph further states that the content of the fuel tanks, namely the fuel, which remains in the tanks at settlement, will become the property of the Purchaser unless the parties agree otherwise in writing on the lines provided. The term sub-agent was removed to make this paragraph consistent with the residential standard agency statute. This clause tracks the statutory requirements associated with a sale of a unit in a cooperative. Paragraph 24 was updated to add that the seller should provide at settlement keys and key fobs, access codes and digital keys. It does not apply to the relationship at issue and created much confusion.

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Buyer Estimated Costs of Settlement This form is out of date and infrequently used. Nvar contract forms – Disclosure of Dual Agency or Dual Representation in a Commercial Transaction This form was updated to comply with the changes to the Agency statute in the Code of Virginia which will become effective July 1, This means that a buyer who wishes to have well water testing done in addition to the water potability test outlined in paragraph 1 Acould conduct those tests under this contingency.

This lead to some confusion from the members as to the difference between contract date and date of ratification.

It contains four major areas. It removes ambiguity for both the buyer and seller as to what the Occupancy Charge will be at closing. The form was also reorganized for convenience of use. This language is not new to the contingency.


Rental Application — K The rental application was modified to include two additional questions: The explanation of non-agency was removed from the agreement, as it does not apply to the relationship at issue and created confusion. Once a seller delivered that notice, nvar contract forms only option for the buyer was to deliver a written commitment nvaar the lender or evidence of funds necessary to jvar without financing, otherwise, the contract would become void within three days.

Standard Forms & Revisions

To watch the video click here PDF: This financing contingency was created to be used with the New Nvar contract forms Sales Contract. Walk through inspection can be conducted for a period of seven days prior to settlement.

This will give parties more flexibility. This paragraph was modified to include headings for each of the three disclaimers for purposes of clarity. January 1, Form Changes. This form will work in conjunction with K and Vorms The language which previously allowed the purchaser to select what format they would like the documents nvae has been modified to more nfar track the statute, which leaves the selection of the format of the documents electronic or hard copy up to the seller.

Therefore, the various financing contingencies no longer need to provide a space to include the amount of the Seller Subsidy.

Forms & e-Signing

In addition, a new section C was added to address whether there will be a variable rate commission entered in the listing. These revisions include additional remedies for landlords to collect damages and costs for an unlawful detainer action.

After that, the Seller may dispose of the personal property in any way he deems fit. However, some provisions, such as the inspection paragraph, nvar contract forms significantly from the Residential Sales Contract. This form is out of date and infrequently used.


This means that any Termination Fee paid by the Buyer to the Broker is in addition to any other fees paid by Buyer to Broker during the term of the Agreement.

Standard Forms & Revisions

K Disclosure of Brokerage Relationship to Unrepresented Parties This form was updated to comply with the changes to the Agency statute in the Code of Virginia which will become effective July 1, The old version incorrectly referred to paragraph A1. The committee created a Residential Sales Contract. The paragraph was moved to follow immediately after the lease term paragraph.

This new form was created to provide a formal request formss a nvar contract forms or applicant for a reasonable accommodation to a rule or policy. The list of conveyances was amended to distinguish between the different types of fireplaces and their attending equipment.

[ Premiere Realty ] :: Sales Contract

The old version incorrectly referred nvar contract forms paragraph A1. Staff will instruct forms vendors to make this xontract flexible so that parties can enter either a number, or add a specific date and strike through the new language.

Financing Contingencies and Notices for their removal. The membership requested nvr change to address the fact that the old language may not have allowed a Seller to remove key contingencies, such as a Home Inspection Contingency, prior to removing this contingency. USDA Financing addendum was added as an option.