Why do I need either of these? The foolproof method seems to be changing your non-unicode language to Japanese, but it’s a bit of a hassle which these programs can help with. More About Ntleas Ntleas was begin at Submit errors as issues, we’ll do our best to dig in it and try fixing it. This Page is left simple intentially for multiple languages entries Simple English Document: Find some methods Hooking for avoiding system Dependency.


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Locale-Emulator handles this better, and it allows GraphicsGale to properly work with such paths. Download the installer here. Basically what this program does is give applications the ability to run in a different language environment than the one you’re running probably english.


Just tested it now and it shows up with 5 warnings? NTLEA is added to the first post now. Contributions Currently, our main targets are: Joined Jan 18, Location Greece.

Anima-chan: NTLEA

I’d been using it too. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.


And the problem is: Donations are greatly appreciated. I just get an error message full of gibberish when I try to run it. Yet it still has problems opening files with japanese symbols in paths. Rated 5 Stars out of 5 – this is the ntlfa.exe one. Find some methods Hooking for avoiding system Dependency.


First, say, thank you very much for reporting us the problem! With Windows System Upgrade, Current method of Hooking on each function would have to be rechecked, that’s dummy and trival things. The executable name ntleas.


However, it doesn’t seem to work for this one: I seem to have issues with Ntkea.exe, I can only click the first two bubble marks default locale and user defined locale and the slider, nothing else is clickable or can be tabbed onto.

The First Public Beta Release was at If you find Ntleas useful, or are otherwise just of the generous nature, and would like to make a donation to this project, we accept donation’s via PayPal: That and I’m getting the same problem as Unrelated – when trying to run it in W7 a box with gibberish appears.

AppLocale & NTLEA

I remember getting it off the Vanguard Princess website so I assumed it ntleea.exe safe, but it does seem to be trpiping too many scanners to be considered a false positive. One may work where the other does not so it doesn’t hurt to have both. Click here for the guide. The link in the first post now is the one keeblerelf posted, which showed with 0 warnings previously.


Last edited by a moderator: It supports Windows XP – 8. I run Far Manager usually for working with japanese file namesand start my batch files or other programs. Then I unzipped that file, opened it and realised that the Japanese in it ntlea.exw now turned into gibberish!

Joined Nov 23, Pardon me, but is anyone else getting a MoleBox ntlea.xe from any of these links? You must log in or register to reply here. Usually I run bit Far Manager and from it launch my bat files and programs.

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