Page generated in 1. Default client is now “uTorrent 1. Some improvements in the version checker – RM: We use cookies to ensure a complete experience on our website. It also supports a number of sockets. Leave this field empty. This score is calculated by counting number of weeks with non-zero issues or PR activity in the last 1 year period.

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NRPG still supporting his program and this what makes it strong.

NET Framework version 4. Default client is now uTorrent 3. Leave nrpg ratiomaster 0.50 field empty. Don’t stop upload when there’s 0 leecher.

More projects by NikolayIT View all. Its easy way to capture the announces: Thanks for ur time, byebye. But some people need multi-torrent support so bad It also allows you the option of choosing your preferred download speed so as to make it seem as realistic as possible.

Probably you know what is a torrent file and how can improve the download speed.


In terms of detectability it is, yes. NET is an app whose purpose is to aid you when it comes to torrents, trackers and ratio. NET is a wonderful application that is used to help you to increase your boosting of ratios by faking upload and download of files using any torrent file of popular trackers known.

So if the utorrent 2 emulations are correct Use at your own risk. Its easily nrpg ratiomaster 0.50 by most of tracker. Program and author sites changed RM: Use GitHub to get latest version number.

This tool it is designed to help you to modify the upload and download limits and settings for popular file sharing programs.


Yes, it still does. You can also use this application in conjunction with a proxy server and if you ever find yourself questioning your customized configuration, the program features a “Set default values” button. Added new type of clients: NET list of languages used. Y ou do not need to install the program before you can use it, as a result of this nrpg ratiomaster 0.50 can carry the portable executable file along with you anywhere you go and start your fake ratio booster on any computer you so choose.


Added new type of clients: BearShare You can use torrent technology.


Maybe i dont know how to use Trendy new open source projects in your inbox! Default client is now “uTorrent 1.

Do you use RatioMaster. Or are there any problem with it aka announcing ore something else. Added new client emulation: A popular program for this is uTorrent. NET without any problems in a matter of minutes, regardless of your previous experience with these types of software tools.